I think Tina Marie really thought that I was pregnant. That is the horror of the entire thing.

With the size of my girls and my flowy top, I guess anyone could have mistaken me for Angelina Jolie with a baby bump. *blink blink* At least I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

It just sucked the wind right out of me.

My mom said just to use the whole thing as encouragement to keep working at losing weight. I told her that I am going to use it as encouragement to look into breast reduction. ~snorts~ That ought to be another 20 pounds off.

I think I am going to use the entire episode to my benefit.

I shall be calling in sick to work Friday. I am simply going to tell them


Any one wanna be my birthing coach?

Y'all better be planning one heck of a baby shower!

**On an unrelated note, I have sent out emails pairing up people for the initial swap. If you have not received an email from me, please drop me a line at princessandthebeads@gmail.com

....who still needs to lose the baby weight even though the baby is 15 years old. *snickers*


  1. Name the Baby after me!!

  2. The shower's over here at my house!!. Shhhhh. It's a surprise. The wish list includes a weekend spa coupon, selections from the Fredericks catalog and one year of pedicures at Toes 'R Us.

    *snickers* You crack me up!

  3. I love baby showers! Just don't make me play those silly shower games.

    I think that's a perfectly legitimate reason to call in to work *snicker*

  4. OH MY GOSH. Seriously M. C'mon. You are so awesome, completely Princess, you can't really look in the mirror and buy the crap Miss T was sellin.

    And if you really want to talk to someone about losing the girls someday - my phone is on for you anytime. *wink* Been there, done that.

  5. i love baby showers. i'm currently planning one for the cowden twins. actually it is a sip & see not a shower.

  6. Hey, at least you can drink booze at your shower!
    I hate fake baby accusations. However, clearly you look young enough to be preggers! AND clearly you have that glowy look! And clearly the chick needs glasses.

  7. I think all of these new shirts look like maternity shirts - and I have seen more people who look pregnant and I KNOW they are not. Let me clarify that last sentence - I think all of those people wearing them look pregnant.

  8. Thanks for the laugh! I just love your warpedness. LOL.

    BTW, save a piece of that shower cake for me :-)

  9. are you feeling better today?

  10. Talk about breast reduction......I had that problem, I could not find dresses to fit my girls......Now, I can't find dresses to fit my belly! Enjoy the GIRLS while you can!

  11. Let's talk about your mother's advice. It sounds so totally like something MY mother would say.

    Why don't they ever say something helpful, like "Why didn't you get Rach to fire up the Texas Town Car of Justice and you two could have chased her down and applied a little sensse to her noggin'."?


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