I am still behind on blogs and I will not be around today so now I will be even MORE behind! I am also working on getting some pics up of the wonderful trip. In the meantime....some little bits and pieces.

Discovery of Pirate Booty

2,649 wise cracks that 2 fifteen year old boys can make with the words Pirate Booty.

My second phobia that runs really close to clowns is those sucky overpasses that are more than one story tall. Why in the world do people have to build those things?

I can manage to breathe on the overpass if I stay really really still.

Clowns on overpasses would be a most excellent murder plot if you ever want to do me in.

Food eaten outside is always better.

Chalk is a wonderful invention.

Overhearing one woman say to another, *And then she told me....well faith and pity do NOT work together* and knowing that those words were a message for me.

Thumb rings...always wanted I have one.

Teen boys do not pass gas. They truly do FART. There is a total difference between the two.

New shoes can make one very happy.

A BEAD SHOP can make one even HAPPIER!!

Throw downs between two white girls at the Whataburger in Brownwood screaming "Oh no you did-nt" are very interesting.

Even more is them bringing in food from McDonald's. ~grins~ Why yes...I called the corporate Whataburger office today. How ever did you guess?

Wish I had already started the initial swap cause I had SO MANY THINGS I could have bought.

Some 15 year olds know every last word to every last song that Queen sings.

When I retire, I wanna be a sample lady at Central Market.

Or be quality control at Pei Wei.

Protest at the cool!

After seeing the art that I saw at the contest, I know that the art world is going to be so much richer when these young people truly get recognized.

Waking up to thunder and rain and realizing how much I have missed it.

Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream.....OMG!! Where have you been all of my life??

Advil really is our friend.


  1. I believe I'll stay away from the "Natural Snacks" that come from Pirate booty ... 2,650 :)

  2. LAMO at the Whataburger incident. I can just hear it. And I am still doing service shops for them here. It's probably the one reason my weight loss stalled again, lol. But I can't quit. They are the one last Texas institution that makes me feel I am *home* for the hour I spend there. Can't wait to see pics of the trip! I remember a certain trip with the back seat full with 14, 15, and 16 yr olds that almost had me peeing myself, we were laughing so hard at them, lol. Or causing a wreck because I couldn't even see straight.

  3. Lol, how funny is this. I just left a comment on Baby Brother's MySpace, and all it said you ask??? "Pirate Booty" We did have such a fabulous time! But you so left out...Dude....lets go play Halo.

  4. And I keep forgetting to tell you, that we took the kids out for their birthday dinner last week and they chose Red Lobster. Gadget took one look at the menu.. Lobsterfest ya know. And he said.. "lohhhhbstahh" and Mermaid and I just about fell off our seats laughing. Of course hub decided we must be total mental cases and threatened to walk out if we didn't contain ourselves, lol.

  5. SO I'm a few days late, but like Flutterby requested...

    Here's me sending you good, happy, jolly, friendly, funny, giggly vibes your way!!!! May it help!


  6. I love, love, love the Nuns at Gunpoint that you brought me. Might have to blog them...

    Glad you had such a good time!

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  8. Sorry, it doubled posted my comment, and really it was barely good enough for one post, much less two.

    Can't wait to see what you make with the beads, by the way...

  9. I worked at Whataburger as a teenager. I had to quit though. I hate mustard. Seeing it, smelling it, getting it on me every day just creeped me out! LOL.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Welcome home!

  10. There is no doubt that Texas is much more fun than California. This post proves it once again.

    Looking forward to all the pictures.

    And what is this forsaking of caffeine all about????

  11. glad You had a good time

  12. I always heard Austin was full of weirdos. I'd love to visit there sometime (not that I'm weird or anything!).

    I bet that cheesy pirate booty made some stinky gas...

  13. Bead shop....mmmmm....that sounds so wonderful. The teenage boys' farts? Not so much.

    Overpass + clown ~shudders~

    I'm glad you had such a nice time.

  14. ANY ice cream from Amy's is FAB - was talkign with dogblogger about that on the RGBE cruise!!

  15. Those teenage boys are quite PROUD of their farts, aren't they??

    Glad you had a good time!

  16. Rev Kim would say its not just the teenage boys....

    Me? I blame the dog.

  17. I should have read your blog over the last few days. You made me smile and giggle nonstop!!!



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