Once upon a time, in the land of fiberglass cows, there lived a sweet cow and calf that resided at the duck pond. They were both a pretty pink and were painted with a Cinderella theme. Sweet sweet cows.

And then they were gone.

This cow and calf combination were two of my favorites and I did not get around to getting a picture of them before they were gone.

I think they were sold on Ebay.
For reals.
So, in their place, a new cow arrived. A cow that I.DID.NOT.LIKE! My main reason, it is painted like a

~insert drum roll right here~
CLOWN *shudders*

I have just always stayed away from this cow and have never taken its photo until yesterday. So, for you my dear readers, I sucked my fear up, grabbed my duct taped camera and set out to capture a photo of her in the wild. (aren't ducks wild??)

I approached her quietly as not to rile her up. We all know how testy clowns can be and, though there was a fence between us, I did not want to take any chances.

She appeared wary and watched me get up close to the fence. At least she did not try to run at me or bolt away. She must have sensed that I needed to get her pic so that I could have something for Friday Cow Blogging.
Then, I realized something.....

She is NOT A CLOWN!! You can tell at this point, by the look on her poor face, that she was just as scared as I was.
Instead of being a clown, she looks as though she is a big friendly child's coloring book page.

Sometimes we are afraid for no real reason aren't we?


  1. You are so BRAVE to have taken that picture. He looked like a clown to me too!!

    "Sometimes we are afraid for no real reason aren't we?"

    What wise words you speak, your highness.

  2. LOL I was gonna say that sure didn't look like a freaking clown. I am so glad you realized it. She is a very pretty cow.

  3. Indeed Mindy, indeed.

  4. She kind of puts me in the mind of the old Partridge family bus.

    C'mon get happieeee!

  5. Like I always say when I see a children's-coloring-book-cow, "She's more afraid of you than you are of her."

    Well, unless you're REALLY scared.

  6. This is one of your best!

    And I think you should note that we don't have a duck pond so much as a duck prison. I think we're the only town in America that feels the need to encirle our pond with a six foot, razor topped, chain link fence. Crazy bastard water fowl. I guess.

  7. Hey yeah it DOES look like the Partridge Family bus! And Rach, are you sure the razor wire fence is to keep the ducks in... or the psychos *out*. Cause I'm pretty sure ducks can fly, lol.

  8. If we're paying attention, we learn something every day.

    Sometimes what we learn is that the cow isn't so scary after all.


  9. loved this post

    when we face fears with God we find that He is

    and hope you can reinstate a mother and calf couple again...

  10. *does her best/worst Paul Simon impersonation* "...its a mother and calf reunion..."


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