1. OMG! Did you see LOST last night??? Awesome!

2. I still have not bought a camera. So many decisions!

3. Gained .8 when I weighed at Weight Watchers this past Monday. *bleck*

4. I had a dream where Rose made a cover for a riding lawn mower and our officer manager accused me of having an affair with her husband who was James Garner.

5. No weinermobile sitings this week.

6. Please sign my guest map if you have not already.

7. How many Texas bloggers read this blog? I am thinking we really need to set a date and try to meet up in the middle of the state someday.

She is so damned funny.

9. OMG! I could

10. I got a new guy last week. Under employer he wrote *Local Grocery Store* and under position he wrote *Night Stalker*.

11. I have still not changed the clock on my office wall for daylight savings time. What in the world is up with that?

12. Why does it tickle me to no end to find my birthdate in odd places? Like when the clock reads 10:13?


  1. LMAO *night stalker* I hope you gave him a quick lesson in spelling. Always cracks me up when people can't spell. Or worse, spell like they talk. I remember reading something once (don't recall what it was) some dumb twit talking about "balling her eyes out". I think that was probably the time I broke ribs from laughing so hard.

  2. LOST homepage hasn't uploaded the episode yet!!! ack. I usually watch it the next day but no... so very sad. I read the episode synopsis though, so I can get by for a little longer.
    Stalking was my favorite part of working in a grocery store!


    that was great!

  3. I was wondering if his job as a night stalker might be interfering with the terms of his probation.

  4. I'm in Texas!!! In Denton, near DFW.

    Less do it!

  5. Your dreams are cool!

  6. I loved Lost last night!
    Night stalker, heh.

  7. Right off the top of my head I can think of at least eight RGBPs and friends that I know are in Texas, and I'm sure there are many more. That's enough for a highly memorable meetup!!

  8. And you can't do a get-together until I can come too!!! I'll just have to add another day or so to my "go bug Mindy" trip.

  9. Missed LOST last night *snarl*, Wonderboy couldn't sleep. Waaaaaaaaa.

    Night Stalker......never one around when you want one.

    I may not be in Texas in body, but my spirit's there! When you meet, would you please order me a margarita?

  10. Mary Beth and I could ride together! We're less than an hour apart (unless it's one of those times when Dallas traffic spreads northward).

  11. I'm in texas too!

    LOST what can you say?


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