It is a rainy misty day and I am just loving it! Went out before work this morning to take pics of this adorable cow.....just look at that sweet face! You can tell that she was not even afraid. She must have sensed that I am a cow lover.

This is *Cow Wash*. She is actually in great shape! One side is her ad...Tired of Spots?
And it continues on her other side where her spots are being washed off!!
~laffin~ I see her udders...
This is a close up of her spots being cleaned off.
Plainview is going to be getting some new cows! I called to see what the price of a calf might be. I was thinking that if any individual NEEDS a cow it would be me. I was also pretty sure that I could not afford a full grown cow or steer.
Guess how much a calf will be? Primed but not painted or sealed.....go ahead and guess.
*pouts* Around $500.00!!!
Guess who will NOT be getting a calf?
Hell, I could get a REAL calf for cheaper than that.
So what is Mindy going to do? *grins* Mindy is going to bug the guy that is in charge of all of this and try to get him to hold some sort of a drawing where someone can WIN a calf!!!
mean really....who is the luckiest blogger that you know???
~wonders how many cookies would a $500 calf be worth~


  1. I'll buy some of those cookies for ya!

    You might get a hoot out of this: The Disney movie "Home on the Range" nearly received a, I think it was PG-13 rating because the cow character voiced by Roseanne Barr said "mine are real" - referring to her udder.

  2. You defnitely should win a calf.

  3. How 'utterly' cool :-)

  4. Actually a real calf goes for about that much too. That is a lot of money for an unpainted cow. You could decopage (sp?) it. You do love to do that.

  5. love it :)

    Cool that you love the necklace - but did it only JUST arrive now??? (pout!)

  6. I noticed in your title of this posting it said "clow blogging" -- I thought this was going to be a cross between a cow and a clown - and this was a therapeutic post to desensitize your fear of clowns. Did anyone else notice that?

    methinks, however, it was a typo :)
    How come you find so many cows?

  7. You must get a calf! I've helped a friend with two of her animal projects for NamelessCity and it's so much fun. I'm sure your calf would be the best in the herd!

  8. I think you should win a calf! how cool!

  9. Hell, I think we oughtta steal a calf. We could be rustlers!

  10. Rach, I think they still hang cattle rustlers and horse thieves in Texas.


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