Pick A Number...ANY Number

1. Do you have a myspace page? If so, let me know and we can be *friends*. I think that Tom is running around on me.

2. My new earrings (the dangly ones) that I got in Austin from a vendor named Frank. He told me that he does not *yet have a web presence*. Do you like?

3. I am having rice cakes and strawberries for breakfast. What did you have?

4. This is my camera. It is held together with duct tape. I love duct tape. I have a $100.00 gift card from Best Buy that I won. I want to buy a camera and use the gift card towards the purchase. Suggestions?

5. Anyone want some more Cow Blogging Fridays?


  1. 1. No way. Enough of my time is devoured (and I admit, it's quite fun) by blogging! And who's Tom?

    2. Nice earrings

    3. Haven't had breakfast yet. Makin' chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes.

    4. Duct tape. Why hasn't it yet received a Nobel peace prize?

    5. You betcha. (do I get extra credit for doin' all 5?)

  2. LOL PG...Tom is the creator of Myspace. He is the first friend on everyone's pages.

  3. Ya, Tom is a lousy friend. I have a Myspace but I never use it so I'll have to go dig up my password! haha
    I only signed up so I could see others' stuff

    breakfast: coffee coffee and more coffee.

    I like the earrings.

    I love duct tape too. You know what they say, don't you? If you can't Duct it - #@#@@ it!

    Camera: I have a finepix that I love. The newer ones are terrific. But I know there are smaller ones that are very way good too.

  4. Camera suggestion: the Casio Exilim
    I bought one a couple of months ago and love it. It is very slim and chic. And takes good pictures.

    As to question #5--Are there more cows to blog?

  5. 1. No. too time consuming!

    2. Love them - they remind me of lighthouses

    3. Erm I skipped breakfast today - was a bit under the weather (temperature and cough) but feeling better this evening so ate 2/3 of a pizza with pesto and mozerella!

    4. Don't get a canon ixus - get something a little steadier. The next one up in the range is very good but I don't remember its name / number.

    5. Not sure ... just want you to write more often sweet friend!!!

  6. 1. I have one. Started it about 3 years ago just to keep someone else from using the name. Played with it some earlier this year and then got bored. As far as I know its the only place on the web with my real, live photo.

    2. Like them earrings a lot.

    3. You don't wanna know.

    4. The duct tape camera is way, way impressive. Don't know that I'd change. If you do, get something that feels right in your hand.

    5. Sure, why not? But not at the expense of your 44 year old mom stories.

  7. Which reminds me... You are FORTY-FOUR???!!! Weren't you like, just barely 40 last year?? Seriously. You are soooo old.

    And did you know Rose is forty-freakin'-eight?

    And who knows how the hell old ChevyPickup is.

    I'm going to outlive you all!! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. ~eeerrmmmm~ No you are not Rachel because the *walker brigade* will be having a throw down after work today and will be kicking your young little butt.

    Bring your band uniform.

  9. i'm a myspacer - I ditched tom... but i'll add Mindy. Will you be my friend?
    Yes or No

    catnipper is my myspace name

  10. Kewl ear rings. Did you happen to get them on Guadalupe where most of the street vendors hang out? And, um.......The camera......Um........You should get out your sharpies and draw little flowers and stuff on the duct tape. Breakfast....Plain oatmeal with a teaspoon of margarine.

  11. Yep baja...got them at 23 artists there on Guadalupe!

  12. No myspace. My youngest wants me to do one, but I am afraid Tom would be the only friend I'd get. On the other hand, it would be good to have so I could snoop on others.

    I like your new earrings.

    I'd love some more Cow Blogging! I thought you ran out of cows. You know, now every time I see a cow, I think of you!

    No more answers tonight!

  13. I blocked myspace on our network so the kids wouldn't go there. (Like setting an age limit on public profiles is gonna do any good; tell me what kid in this whole country is too stupid to know they can't put in a fake birthdate???) Neato earrings! And I don't usually eat breakfast; probably the biggest mistake of my day. Lately I have added Gorilla Glue to the list of things I can't do without; right next to duct tape. Camera... hmmm.. win 9 more of those gift cards first and I will tell you a great one; but then I am biased of course.

  14. 1. No myspace or friendster, or facebook, just my little ol' blog. I wish I could say I "get" the whole myspace thing, but I don't. Sad.

    2. Love the earrings. Frank rocks.

    3. Tea, sweet milky (yorkshire gold) goodnessy tea. And a granola bar with "yogurt" - God only knows what that stuff really is.

    4. I LOVE my little Canon elph (powershot sd400). Seriously is awesome, although looking at your duct tape camera, I find myself a bit jealous.

    5. I am of the generation before the cowblogging. I'd be intrested. I'm game.

  15. I'm late to the party...as usual! I love those new earrings, M!

  16. oh and what xx said

    You know, now every time I see a cow, I think of you!

    Our street is called cowlane - you'd love it - and I so want you to visit --- there's an old ox route to a nearby (2 hr) town with a castle - I drove it a couple of years ago with a friend from England and it was way coool

    oh and liked the idea of sharpies decorating the duct tape.

    Get rach to help you select a camera ... that's what saucy friends are for

    oh and I'm 47 already. And grey.! Get over it Rach - we'll look great in heaven - wait and see :)

  17. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I love my Nikons...

  18. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Oh, I have a myspace...


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