Okay, so I was whining to you all about not being able to afford a calf of my own. That phone call lead to an email to the man so that he could read my blog.

Dear readers....he did.

This is the email that I received back from him.

Dear Mindy,

I think the statement was something like “Thrice a princess, never a queen”! Anyway, I have a possibility to add to your royal pedigree. Something like, “Mindy, Empress of the Cows”. Here’s the lead up…

You have read my blog about the structure of Main Street as well. I am revitalizing my four point committee structure. Do to the fact Plainview’s Convention & Visitors Bureau is also run by my office, out Main Street has a fifth committee, the CVB committee, that deals with issues specific to CVB. I also have a great deal of latitude with promotions that take place.

Now originally, the Cattle Drive (fiberglass) was through the CVB office that was part of the Chamber of Commerce. You know the condition of many of the cows; enough said on that subject. The Main Street office seems to have had a revolving door before I came on board. My predecessor did a great job revitalizing the program, I want to maintain this progress and do a lot better. The committees are the training ground for the next Advisory Board members. I want the correct people on my committees so they will be ready to step into the leadership role as the board rotates next February.

The Centennial Celebration and the Cattle Drive are going to play a large in revitalizing Plainview , downtown and the rest of the city. Long after 2007 is behind us, the contacts that have been made with the Centennial Celebration will be working years from now, benefiting our city. I cannot do it alone. Now we come closer to the proposition…

I am recruiting members for my committees & I need help with the rebirth of the Cattle Drive . The person who awakens early to takes pictures (and darn good ones I might add) of the Givens Park cow and then posts a blog, all before work, has a ton of discipline and will to get a job accomplished. The person who blogs about love of our City’s fiber glass cows obviously has a calling (see my last blog’s title; an obscure reference to an Elvin Bishop Album) to be on the Main Street Promotion (and quite possibly Design) committee as well as the CVB committee because this will have ramifications throughout Plainview and possibly a lot further. And finally THE PROPOSITION…

I would like you to come on board as a Main Street Promotions and CVB member. Specifically, to give this Cattle Drive Cow Project a leader (or Empress, as you may well prefer). This will involve me assisting you running a program that will see our City Cows repaired, make arrangements to get the animal prepped for repainting, previous artists contacted to see if they want to reprise their work, work with the Herald to find run a contest to find new artists, and have a rededication of the herd for Cowboy Days. This is for starters. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a cow or a calf, but I do have a calf up for mentorship. Currently I have a couple calves that currently reside in the Sante Fe depots restroom (yes, they are in the stalls). I want cows and calves displayed on the sidewalks throughout the city, particularly down town. I can’t think of a better place to start than in front of probation’s offices on Broadway.

I have several publications I would like for you to look through to gain some ideas what others have done with this type of project. You said you were into beading, which made me think you were creative. Then I started reading your blog and any doubt I might have had vanished. You have the great style and wit that is just what is needed to kick this program in gear. This whole promotion can be fun and I know you know how to have fun. Your loyal blogroupies would encourage you to lead the charge. (I dare you to poll them!) This will also give you lots of fodder for future blogs, plus tons of free promotion for your program. (Doesn’t that sound nice, “Your Program”? Good, but it gets better! Now change it to first person singular, say it aloud 10x’s and you’ll realize it was meant to be.)

There is also the serendipitous part of this tale that you need to know. I was laying out the plan to my supervisor a few weeks back about what we wanted to do and how to get the project to flourish. I said the corrections department had given us help in the past with maintenance on the cows. Maybe if I checked with the county they would help, perhaps through the Hale county probation office. I think the sentence; “Find a probation officer who like ‘The Cows’, yea right!” was uttered. In light of things, the area should have gone to black and white, the light gone down where we were sitting while a spot came up spot to the illuminate Rod Serling, back from the dead yet still smoking the cigarette that got him there in the first saying, “Presented for your review, Plainview, Texas; the seat of a fiber glass cow empire looking for an empress!” Suffice it to say, this was meant to be.

So that’s my pitch, let me know what you think. You are the person for the position, it’s obvious. All I need for you to do is say the word. Plus I’ll sleep better at night knowing your followers will be happy with me for getting you access to a cow all of your own. Thanks much.


And I did not even have to bake any cookies.

OMG...I, Mindy, GET to work with the cows!!! Can you TELL that I am happy??

And is it appropiate to kiss freaking awesome people who pick board members?

I am one very very happy Princess right now.


  1. I don't know that I would kiss him, but you should do it! How much fun! I also like the title -- "Empress" has a nice ring to it.

  2. Before you sign up for anything, you might ask if he can swing a visit from the Weinermobile. :) Love ya Sis!!!

  3. He obviously put a lot of time on his pitch. Does he know all he had to do was ask you? ;-)

  4. wow :)

    Empress of the Plainville Cows sounds wonderful.

    Voting for a REV GALS calf right now :) complete with beads and all sorts (clerical collar optional)

    This post made me smile :)

  5. Hey! I like Lorna's idea. The Clerical Cow. Could be fun!

  6. Way, way, way, too cool. He sounds like a fun guy, too. Always a plus to get to work with fun guys.

    :) Hee hee, is Plainview ready for a lady minister cow!?

    If you got one it would DEFINITELY mean that we'd need a meetup THERE!

  7. Do we curtsy to you now? :-)

  8. well, ain't that somethin'!?
    He really wants you on board!

  9. EMPRESS MINDY...We are not worthy!

    I can't wait! El Jefe and I will definitely have to drop by Plainview on our next trip to Borger.

    Mary Beth is right--we can have a Texas blogger meetup with the cows!!!!

    Freakin' AWESOME!

  10. The only remaining question is ...

    why is it taking you so long to change your blog title?

    I believe your new title is "Empress" wear it well my dear!! :-)

  11. Yes, I believe a change in your blog title is in order. Shoot, now I know somebody famous.

  12. Congratulations on your promotion!!! A title change for the blog (with a notation: formerly princess). Plus you gotta buy a new crown!

    I know, after the RevGals cow, you're gonna need an Empress Mindy cow!!!

    And, we're blogroupies?......Can we put that on our business cards?

  13. All hail the Empress!

    (Next, the Weinermobile! I just know it.)

  14. And he's a CUTIE pie to boot. And she's probably going to delete my comment because he might see it.

  15. I was one of the first people to know about this awesome honor. Mainly because you called me to let me know...And it is still just so cool!!! I am so happy for you!

  16. Oh wow, that is incredibly exciting news! I wonder how far away from me Plainview is! Now, sure enough everytime I see a cow, I will think of you!

    Congratulations Mindy!

    (And yeah, maybe you should have held out for the weinermobile!)

  17. Unbelievable! And how cowrageous of you to make the first moove.

  18. Wow, how perfect!! Exciting too!! And fun! What more could you ask for?!?

  19. Whoa!!!! That is so cool!

  20. Holy cow! Perfect!

  21. I bow to thee, Empress ~bows deeply~


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