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In my love life *snickers*

Let's face it, I am a small town girl. I was never meant to live in the big city. But Austin, Austin anything can happen.

When we got there and was unloading at the motel, I looked out at the I-35 and what did I see? Dear readers, I AGAIN SAW THE WEINERMOBILE!! And, both of my children saw it so they are both my witnesses! I knew something would be so very special about this trip. That just had to be an omen or a sign! Granted, the Weinermobile was on the back of a flat bed trailer being hauled somewhere but I saw it! Just think, the very thing that I have always dreamed of seeing I have now seen twice in one month!! *mutters* Never close enough to TOUCH it but I have seen it!

So, excitement was thick in the air as I knew something special was going to happen. Something wonderful....

Bebo participated in the art meet that Friday and then again Saturday until about 2:00. He did wonderful!! The whole thing was a new experience for us and I am really looking forward to it again next year. He participated in seek and sketch, in site photography and still life. He placed 7th in seek and sketch!! So much young talent in one place.

After that, we wondered towards down town Austin.

We went to Central Market first. My children thought I was NUTS to want to go to a grocery store. *laffin* And, might I point out, they LOVED it and we had to go BACK Sunday before we left town. I love Central Market and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I might even consider my ashes being scattered there some day! I bought all sorts of things that I cannot even begin to imagine getting in Plainview Texas!
Then, we hit Whole Foods. Bebo LOVED it there. We parked 3 floors under the market. He loved the escalators and how the carts stuck to the escalator so that they would not escape. I may never have made it to Trader Joe's but I have been to two places that must be just as good if not better.

While pulling into Whole Foods, I got excited cause I thought I saw Yankee Tranferred's car in the parking lot!! *giggles* If you used to read her blog, you know exactly what I mean! She now blogs occasionally at Mixter's.

Then, we wandered around on 6th Street and Congress Avenue. We went into the Capitol because I believe that every Texan should see the Capitol at least once in their life time! I go every time I get to Austin....I can't explain it but it is just something that I feel the need to do.
Our beautiful Capitol Building.
Inside the Capital looking up.

I had taken a lot of pics by that time but, my children pointed out to me that I had not taken one of them so they poised, dorkily, and I snapped their pic.

We were scheduled to go on a Ghost Tour of the Capitol District (the tour was wonderful and a must do if you are ever in Austin!). The tour was to begin at 8:00pm from The Hideout Coffee House and Theater. It was about 7:00pm and we were tired of walking so we decided to go ahead and go to our meeting spot so that we could rest for a bit before the tour began.
We ordered tea and I began to hear the most beautiful guitar music followed quickly by an awesome deep wonderful voice.
And that was the moment, dear readers, that Mindy fell in love with John Craigie.

This guy travels from town to town singing his songs and playing his guitar. Oh what songs he sings. He played songs that he had written and songs that were probably written long before he was even born. For the longest, it was just me, Baby gator and Bebo listening to our own private concert. He was so sweet and answered any questions that we threw out at him and he has the most engaging eyes. If you EVER get a chance to go and hear him....GO! You can also go to his website and purchase his CD's...they are WELL worth the money. Go to his website and listen to his music.

This is someone that could crash on my couch anytime. I would also happily mail this man cookies!

*totally tongue in cheek* I think he might have fallen in love with me too if it had not been for the hussy *spits* that came in and took up his time. But that is a different story for another day. *grins* If you want to hear it.....


  1. What a great trip!!! Central Market sounds fun. And you didn't miss a thing missin' Trader Joe's if you went to Whole Foods. Congrats to Bebo!! Good for him. Will he let you post his work so we can see?

    Now, spill on the hussy stories girl. Wantin' to hear now.

  2. Now, see - that's what we need here in GR. A Whole Foods!! Yessiree bob. We do.
    Yore trip sounds purdy dang cool.

  3. thanks for the report!

  4. Well, now I must go and cancel my plane tickets for that Fall wedding in Austin.


    Love the new look, btw!

  5. Is it just my old eyes or is Bebo taller than the big sis now?

  6. I will find someone to marry if that means you will come out here Cheese!!

    And yep flutter! The 14 year old is now taller than the 24 year old!

  7. Aiee! The pink! My eyes!!

    Ok, well, maybe its not that bad. I don't know how she's going to blog the hussy story, y'all, but my sides hurt somethin' fierce from laughing so hard while she told it. Its a totally visual thing. I think you should video tape it and put it on youtube!!

  8. we want to hear the erm hussy story too.

    And I want to go to Austin with you Mindy. When ? When? When can I visit ???

  9. oh if Cheesehead's doing the wedding in the fall -I'll come then. Sounds a supertime to come - but - erm - the honeymoon... you promised to take me camping remember ... will lover boy have to come too? grin!!!

  10. Sorry to post this here but I don't have a direct email. Anyway, on the YA YA code, you need to go to the very beginning (a blank slate) then copy the URL and code it. Good luck!

  11. Sounds like a great trip hitting some of my favorite Austin attractions! So glad you got to do this together!


  12. Well it's more lavender-ish than pink. Isn't it? She did this all mostly on her own so TELL HER HOW FREAKING NICE IT LOOKS!!!

  13. Hooray for Bebo!

    John C. sounds great! Exactly the type of music I like. If it is meant to will meet again....
    WF and CM on the same day. I would have NO MONEY LEFT. Now, see, when you come to Houston I will take you to the WF and CF here and you can compare.

    Oh, and I like the new look, too!

  14. That girl was a real ho-bag wasn't she? *Laughing* she wrote her number and a novel on that card!

  15. Sounds like a great time!!

  16. P.S., hey,
    The new look here totally rocks!

  17. Mindy, that must have been a great trip! I can't even imagine how much Austin has changed since I lived there in the 70s, but even then it was a very cool city.

    And, we need to hear the hussy story.

  18. Central Market in Houston is near the presbytery office, so I stop by there often. Love it! Whole Foods is building a new big store near my house--hooray!

    Glad you had such a wonderful time. Aren't the bluebonnets spectacular this year?

    Also I ~heart~ your new blog design! Very chic!


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