Friday Cow Blogging

Some of you were surprised that there are still cows to blog....YEP! There are. I stopped for several reasons but thought I would work a few more in.

Presenting Moonopoly! Moononoply also gets to go and stand guard at the gates of the play TEXAS in Palo Duro Canyon in the summer time.

You have seen this cow (actually it is a steer) before because it is one of my favorites. BUT, now you get to see it new and improved!

This one is at HCSB (Hale County State Bank). They take really good care of it and gussied up the horns!!

And pics!

Guess who is sleeping by my desk right this moment? My granddog! Dixie Belle is here visiting with her mommy, my baby gator. Baby gator had things to go do so Dixie gets to stay with her momdy (thats ME!) for a few hours.

She is now 10 weeks old.

Totally adorable.

And everyone wishes that she would wake up again so that they can all play. But being a baby is such a hard job!


  1. awwwwww so cute~!!!!

  2. Momdy - like that :)

    love love love the puppy pics.

    10 weeks already :) time to start training they say basset hounds need a lot of work - but they are so adorable.

    Loving ours too - 3 weeks this weekend and guess what they have teeth coming in now :)

  3. Yay! Cow blogging is back!

  4. Hooray for cow-blogging!

    What an adorable puppy!!!

  5. Being a puppy is hard work. I have a grandpuppy at our house right now.. he is a cocker spaniel.

    Now I need to get ready for my walk so get the posse ready.

  6. Love the steer!!!

    And that puppy picture is just so darned adorable. What fun.

  7. I can just hear all the high pitched squeaky squealy voices "aawwwwwwooohhh she's soooo cuuuute!!!"

  8. Poor baby is sooo tired! LOL! Love the cow!

  9. (((Dixie))) xxxxxxxxx
    (yes, I kiss puppies)

    Thanks for the pictures!! What a little precious!
    You'll be amazed at how fast those ears will grow.

  10. The cows make me happy. And that puppy! So cute!

  11. *glare ominously*

    Who you callin' squealy, Flutterby?


  12. Love the puppy. And I'm always a fan of the cow blogging.

  13. nominated you for a thinking blog award

    see here



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