Friday Cow Blogging and Mindy Is a Butt

I have some really bad habits. One of the worst, in my opinion, is that I am very bad about acknowledging things that have been sent to me. You all know how much I love crafts. I love getting snail mail just almost as much as I do crafts. I love to send things out to people. But, it totally floors me when someone takes the time to send something to me. When getting something from people that I adore and admire, you would think it would be very easy to whip off an email telling them how they made my day. For some reason, I don't. I get very flustered and shy when someone sends me something. I am the same way if I open a gift that someone has given me if I have to open it in front of the giver. There is no excuse to my is just down right RUDE. But I do it anyway. After a few days, I intend to call or email but I don't. Then, I wait so long that it gets down right embarrassing.

Case in point, I received the most wonderful piece of art from Annie. Those of you that know Annie know that she is wildly creative and takes the most excellent butt short photos! I fell in love with it immediately. I love the angel but, even more, I love the short poem/story that accompanies her.

This is Annie's art work.

This is what is says:
This angel spends her days looking for the dazed & confused ~the fallen~ she's the angel in charge of putting the stars back in their eyes ~ stars that sparkle in the eyes of those who have fallen.

Boy do I ever need this angel in my life!

I cried when I got this. It means so much to me. JOY is my favorite word in the whole wide world. I brought it to work and showed it off. Everyone just loves it!! I have hung it up over my sewing machine in my crafts area for inspiration. Inspiration PLUS knowing that someone else cared about me enough to create this for me just does so much for me.

Every word that you have read so far....should have been told to Annie...ages ago. I should have zipped all of this off in an email. Instead, I went to Austin. After returning, it has been the calf. Excuses.

I have not emailed Annie until today cause I am mortified over my behavior.

Annie....I love this piece more than you will ever be able to understand. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make it for me. Even more, thank you for sending me something that you were trying that was new to you. You trusted me enough to have it even though you were not for sure about yourself. I am so sorry that I did not give you or this work the proper acknowledgement.

I am in awe over it.

So, in honor of Annie and Friday cow blogging......butt shots...


  1. You're not a butt. That said, I'm sure Annie will love this post. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have the same problem you do. I get extremely embarrased opening gifts in front of their givers, and I always mean to write Thank Yous right away, but can never find the words to adequately express my gratitude, so I end up sending them late or not at all...

  3. Are we gonna get to see the rest of that cow? Cause she looks like she might be really pretty.

  4. Are you saying my butt is not pretty flutterby?

    You have seen her before, ages ago....she is the aguarium cow.

  5. Oh, I hate to get presents and open them in front of people. Hate it.

  6. And this is GORGEOUS.

  7. And you are assuming I am talking about the bovine.
    I posted a scan of a card my sister sent me. Do not have anything in your mouth when you read it. I just spent 20 minutes cleaning chocolate and toffee off my monitor.

  8. Where is your buttz??? Mindy? You don't have one!!!

    I don't like opening presents in front of others either.

  9. Are those Cowbooses?

  10. *snickers* Why yes those are cowbooses!

    And that should read aquarium cow!

  11. Thanks Mindy. Because I was about to go out and buy a Spanish dictionary to look up "aguarium".

    Why is it the people who are embarrassed by presents always get them and the ones who are spectacularly grateful and timefully thankful get squat? Perhaps it's a physics law of inverse proportion or something........ (scuse me now, gotta go clean out my squat closet)

  12. Hmm, have you noticed yet that your JOY is crooked? I wonder if there is some deeper metaphorical meaning behind the crooked joy? Or is the artiste one who has trouble paying attention to the details??


    Mindy, you owe me no apology!! I tend to do the same thing myself. And apparently, so do a lot of other people! You are most definitely not a butt!

    I am thrilled that you like it, though I did not mean to make you cry!

    And I LOVE your butt shot with the cow!

    --annie (who is kind of embarrassed that she arrived so late on the scene!)

  13. Annie is amazing. Is that your butt? You are so skinny!!! And belated congrats on your new baby.

  14. That angel is so cute! Love the butt shots! LOL!

  15. OH MAN!!
    I LOVE the butt SHOTS and Annies WORK and I MISS Annie's butt fotos on her blog.
    I'm glad you said this about being shy about thank you's because I have always wondered why you didnt' thank me for the diamond earrings I sent you in '92. Now I understand. But I imagine you are not the only one who feels this way.


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