Oh To Have a Cash Cow!! Or Would You Settle For Just a Prize??

I want one to live at my house! I really love this cow. I love the face and the color and everything! This one stands outside of one of our local banks as an advertisement. It is in excellant condition and has not been vandalized. Maybe cause it is at a really busy intersection?

Okay....time for the Mindy's Memorial Cow Contest!!

Rules are very simple. Decorate or design a cow that you think would best fit me! You can email the pic to me, post it on your own blog or snail mail it to me. Contest will begin today and all entries must be received by May 20th. To enter....just leave a comment or email me. You can draw your own cow or use one off of the web. I have found a couple to get you started.

http://www.abcteach.com/AnimalShapes/cowshape.htm Very cute cow but she is side ways so I did not post her pic.

Or one like this...does not matter!!

Prizes!! You can choose between earrings, bracelets, anklets or book thongs made by yours truly!! I will wait until we have a winner so that I can make your prize with the colors that you want. (I threw in the book thongs so if a guy wins he does not have to pick an anklet unless he wants to.)

Come on!! You know you want to play!! Get out the crayolas or Sharpies (this means you Lorna) and get with it!!

And yes, If Rachel wins, her prize will have skull beads on it.


  1. Yay for skull beads! I love skull beads!

    I am drawing a blank (hyuck) at the moment, but I'll get busy on it this weekend!

  2. I really like that cash cow too. There is a store by my house that has a fake cow outside and it has these nasty looking veins painted on its udder and it looks too real. The cow is on wheels and lately theyve had it dressed as King Tut. I often contemplate rolling it away.

  3. THIS is the cow who should have had "yes" and "no" painted on her behind!

    I've been thinking about this cow memorial contest since I first read about it. There is an idea taking shape in my weird little head!

  4. Okay, am I the first to post?
    Come over to my place and see my entry!

  5. Oh QG!! That is so wonderful!!

    Come on the rest of you! I already have 2 entries!!!

    Word verification: ponnu

    it is a ponnu that you get your entires in quickly!

  6. I'm in. You'll have to wait till saturday to see the pic up close. Maybe you can make it out in email. What the heck is ponnu?

  7. ok ok ok, i'm convalescing and Q-grace's entry has motivated me that I CAN do this -with those lovely sharpies you sent me.

    Watch this space :)

  8. check your email.

    I don't have a scanner so hope a photo will do :)

  9. Ah, I have one in mind. Heading out of the dairy state for Washington tomorrow, but I will return next week and try to have the camera with me when I pass "the" special cow.

  10. I just QG's. I'm so out of that league, but wish everyone else well!

  11. I'm late to the party but count me in. I need something to spend my spare time thinking about.

  12. I am not artistic. But QG's is terrific. This looks like a fun one. I'm here to cheer y'all on.


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