A Meme I Have Not Been Tagged For

Found this when I was reading a blog that I came to from another blog that I came to from another blog......you know how it is....

I am: funny in an odd sort of way. I am a good listener and encourager.

I want: my children to be happy and healthy and to lose my paranoia.

I wish: that I worried less and was not paranoid.

Are you looking at me funny???

I hate: when people are rude and stupid....ie....shopping cart pigs.

I miss: being loved and reaching across the bed and feeling someone's foot.

I fear: clowns and sometimes I fear going old alone....but I fear clowns more.

I hear: cars on the interstate outside and Numbers on TV.

I wonder: if I will ever own my own home and have a pet again.

I regret: not keeping up with my New Year's goals and never learning how to swim.

I am not: crazy...I don't think.

I dance: anytime I want to!

I sing: Oh yes! Though not well.

I cry: even at commercials.....I can cry at the drop of a hat.

I’m not always: organized.

I make with my hands: paper crafts and beaded bangles.

I write: when ever the mood strikes me even though I may not have anything at all to say.

I confuse:myself

I need: time by myself, attention and praise.

I should: get this house in order before choas wins.

I start: alot of different projects at once.

I finish: what I start....eventually.

Seriously...are you looking at me??

I tag: anyone else who wants to do this meme. Let me know if you do it so I can read it.


  1. No ma'am, I am not staring at you...not too much...

  2. You should get your house in order before choas wins......Or Momma comes to visit. Whichever comes first. :)

  3. Yeah, I'm staring at you! And what are you going to do to stop me? Huh? Huh?

    hee hee!

  4. Those are true words of wisdom Ootl.

    And Rach....I am going to kick you!

  5. swimming ... you can still do it Mindy. Sign up for some classes. It could be fun :)

    and one of my thoughts for the year was to call you. I tried but it didn't happen, and only yesterday I was thinking I should get on with that again too. If anything my phone phobia is worse :( I've been putting off one call for two weeks now.

  6. "I am not: crazy...I don't think."
    You are definitely not crazy. You are one of the most centered people I can think of and you're certainly one of the nicest.

  7. Am I staring at you?...Ask the cow's butt, Princess!

  8. I didn't mean to be looking at you funny.

  9. Organization and New Years' resolutions are highly over-rated. Love the chaos....it's a sign of a creative mind.


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