Am I The Last One?

I have seen it every where but am just now doing it.....

Accent: Southern but I do not think it's too bad...what do ya'll think?

Booze: Had my first this past January. Was nice but I have not had another since then. Would not be something that I would have to have again. I love food so why waste the calories on something I cannot chew???

Chore I hate: I hate cleaning the bathroom but there is nothing more I like than having a sparkling clean bathroom....go figure.

Dog or cat: I would take a cat over a dog but wish that I lived at a place that I could have either.

Essential electronics: Computer and blow dryer

Favorite cologne(s): Love Beyond Paradise but can't afford it....usually a green tea or a vanilla scent.

Gold or silver: Either but beads always beat them both.

Hometown: Born in Post but I would consider Clarendon my hometown.

Insomnia: rarely...I am usually a really good sleeper.

Job title: Which one?? Princess of Everything and Then Some.....And it also depends on who you ask. Mom, Daughter, Sister, Probation Officer, Teacher, Bitch....

Kids: Two. But you knew that.

Living arrangements: An apartment that is a good home.

Most admirable trait: ~laffin~ At the moment and given the work situtation I am not sure that I have a good one. I think I am kind.

Number of sexual partners: has been LOTS OF YEARS...and I was told that if it was LOTS OF YEARS...then I am technically a virgin again even though I have 2 kids. ~grins~

Overnight hospital stays: Three. Two nights per kid, and a few days when I was in the frist grade. I had this gland under my ear that kept swelling and would lock my jaws up tight. They put me in the hospital during halloween to figure it out. A big white bunny hopped down the hall delivering candy to all the kids there. Either that or I was on freaking good drugs.

Phobias: Clowns and the Burger King Dude ~shudders~ But, for the record, Ronald McDonald does not freak me out.

Quote: What goes around comes around.

Religion: Christian.....Baptist but I lean more towards Nazarene.

Siblings: One brother

Time I wake up: weekdays? 5:30. Weekends around 7 unless I am at my parents house and then I can sleep until 8. I think that has something to do with there being someone else around that can be the responsible adult.

Unusual talent or skill: I do not think that I can do anything that is actually unusual but I have been described as quirky. Does that count?

Vegetable I refuse to eat: raw onions

Worst habit: eatting when stressed and hiding

X-rays: teeth and breast

Yummy foods I make: Bread. I can cook almost anything but would say that I am a really good baker.

Zodiac sign: Libra...and yes it pretty much describes me.


  1. You're definitely not the last one. I saw this for the first time yesterday. Interesting; I think I have to do it, too.

  2. I haven't done it either, so you are far from last!

  3. Hmm... I've never seen this before now. Guess I'll be doin' it too!

    Liked your answers. Kick yerself in the butt and get back to work. ha ha!

  4. We have a lot in common. I do not eat raw onions and I love green tea scent too. Baking is my favorite activity and I totally agree with the wasting calories on drinking too. The only drink I like is Baileys and even then I pour it on ice cream like a sauce.

  5. here you are (by special request)


  6. No not last..I'm doing it now

  7. Quit thinking, Mindy. You *are* kind. Claim it boldly. :-)

  8. Clarendon! Yes, between Wichita Falls and Amarillo. Great little town. Is that the one with the little college on the little hill at the end of town?

  9. Yes it is Paul! And they have added a baseball field and new dorms. The little college on the hill is growing.


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