Hello, My Name Is Mindy....

and I am a foodaholic. For at least the last 23 years, I have turned to food for comfort and to feel good. I come from a long line of good Southern cooks that, in turn, taught me how to cook. That has not helped my addiction. Lately, things at work have been extremely stressful. To the extent that you can almost see the sparks travel through the air like static. So what do I do, I turn to food. I eat food even when I am not hungry. My weight yo yo's and I know that is not healthy at all coupled with my age. I have very few pieces of clothing that fit anymore. I hate how I look but, even more, I hate how I am feeling. I am so upset that food has such a hold on my life right now. I am teaching a class that deals with alcohol addictions. Every word that comes out of my mouth I can apply directly to my own addiction. But I have not....until today. Today, I am working on changing things. I am trying to get ahold of it. My plan is to eat healthy and excercise. You can see the weight ticker at the bottom of the page. You can follow my progress if you wish. I weighed myself and had Bebo take pictures of me that I will (maybe) post later. Mainly this entry is here for all to see to make me accountable. Cause, when the secret is out in the open....it is no longer a secret and the strong hold is loosened just a bit.

Anyone care to join me?


  1. I will join you Mom Gator. I feel the exact same way. I have this relly pretty dress that I am not going to be able to fit into if I don't shed a few hundred (exageration but that's what it feels like) pounds. I will walk on my gazelle this morning. You come up with a plan and we will do it!

  2. Good luck y'all! The exercise should help this stress, which in turn should help with the stress-induced eating, right?

  3. How funny that you decided to do this today. I was up at 3:30 this morning. At 4:30 I was busy renewing my info on FitDay.com. All my old stuff was still there; from back when I lost the 67 pounds. Of course, I didn't update after that. It would have showed me putting back on 40 of it.

  4. good luck with all that. I totally hear you. And I'm impressed that Come Back to Texas made it to your masthead.

  5. Good luck, Mindy. I know exactly what you're talking about (except for the good cook part - I'm a lousy cook).

  6. My goal this summer is to regain my girlish figure (ROFL) and keep it at least somewhat through all those dark, cold months when it's so easy to just fall on the sofa after a day of work and veg.

  7. We're only as sick as our secrets. Believe me...I understand. For me it's alcohol but the struggle is the same. Maybe our journeys can work as an inspiration to each other.

  8. I'm in! Since faced with the thought of having my picture taken for posterity at Portia's wedding in September, I have lost 15 pounds, but need to loose 10 more.

    You are renewing my determination!

  9. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I need to, but I don't know if I am ready yet.

  10. It's been a long haul for me learning to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. Like, Years. I'm still working on it and get what you're saying about the addiction aspect of it.

  11. I always feel afraid that it won't be enough, that if I say I'm going to eat healthy, what i really ought to be doing is eating nothing, which is of course ridiculous and self-defeating. It is an addict's thinking, isn't it?

  12. so weird. I blogged about addiction today too !

    I need to get back into shape too :( I eat unhealthily when I'm stressed and this Jan-March has been as bad as it gets.

    This wouldn't really be the time to do a recipe swap for the book though - unless we had low fat, low calorie and LOADS of taste recipes. That might be fun :)

    Now I'm off to walk . you inspired me gal :)

  13. Give up sugar for New Years resolution.
    Give up sugar for Lent.
    Give up sugar for Easter.
    I'm trying too.
    Its not that I don't eat healthy...I just eat unhealthy too.

  14. Writer785:31 PM

    sweet mindy,

    Never forget that it's not through your power and strength that you can achieve this - cast it on Jesus from the very start! He'll help you through it, and you can give Him all the glory.

    one day at a time.



  15. I'm agreeing with writer78 on this one. Spend time with the Bible, meditating on verses. During the day, the verses come to you and de-stress you. Less stress, less compulsion to eat. I'm praying for you, Mindy.

  16. OK. Who ate all the chocolate??


    That would be ME.

    All I can say is "me too."


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