Conversations In a CRV

Sunday night, a friend of BeBo's calls to see if he can come over for a cook-out. If I can drop him off...they will bring him home. No problems and we load up into the CRV and away we go.

Me *You got all of your homework done?*

Him *Yep, it is done and ready for school tomorrow.*

Me *What about study hall? Did you bring home your note?*

Him *They did not pass out the notes Friday.*

Me *Maybe that means you are doing good and do not have to go to study hall!!!*

Him * out there on the road!!*

I look to the road really quick and do not see anything......

Him *Sheeze more careful! That flying pig almost hit your windshield!!*


  1. Hmmmmmm. Creating a diversion while you are tlking about his grades..... is that suspicious?

  2. LOL! What a quick thinking kid!

  3. Well, there's always stand up as a back up career

  4. Hah-hah-hah! Bebo is cool! You are so blessed to have that boy around.

  5. Bright one that one.
    (((O))) for your last post...

  6. (((hugs))) for your previous post.

  7. With wits like that, who needs grades?

  8. HAHAHAHAHA, little brother can be funny when he wants to be. ~laughing in a french type accent~

  9. That's hilarious! :) Love that boy.

    Holding YOUR hand. Love you kiddo. mb

  10. Very funny!!! I see humor runs in the family.


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