Bits and Pieces Of Nothing Really

**The auditors are here. It makes for weird vibes here at work. At least we are going to have pizza and desserts for lunch. Maybe the carb load will over-ride the paranoria.

**I bought a pair of pants at the thrift store Saturday. I just love them but I am sure that the print makes my butt look THIS BIG!! Only problem with them, they zip on the left side. I am going to have to time my potty breaks with someone else's so that I can get help getting zipped back up.

**The sermon on Sunday was about doubting Thomas. Somehow, the preacher managed to get in an analogy about Madonna the rock star becoming a nun with the Little Sisters of Charity.

**Chevy's hair has begun to fall out in clumps. She went and got it cut short Friday. By Saturday, even that was coming out in clumps so...her older son shaved it off for her. She is now wearing an elegant black-do rag and straw hats. Today she is also wearing capris and a sweet green sweater (my favorite color). I told her that she looks like a hispanic Madeline. And....she really does.

**I have 3 different guys on 8am daily reporting. If you have no job...that is what I make you do. You come in at 8 am and see me and look for work. I mean....I am already dressed and at work kand I think that you should be too! This morning....I was the only one out of that group that showed up. ~rolling my eyes~

**My mom, baby gator and I went shopping at thrift stores this past Saturday. Found some really great deals!! I was driving home when an old beat up blue single cab pick-up started passing me on the left hand side. I glanced at him and then went back to driving. Then, it was like we all three looked back again because LO AND BEHOLD STICKING HIS HEAD OUT OF THE PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW OF THE PICK-UP WAS A REAL LIVE HORSE!! I kid you not. He was a minature horse and he was just a riding along and having a great time. Only in Texas.

**I am driving my daddy's red pick-up today. He is taking be-bo to a golf tournament and they are using my CRV. I have learn this morning that you cannot open Rachel's pick-up using the clicker for my daddy's pick-up. Took me a good 3 minutes to realize that I had the wrong pick-up. I figured it out when I happened to look inside and saw Rachel's daskboard Jesus smiling at me.

**I refuse to watch or read anything remotely related to Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. ~gags~

**I am still tweaking BLOGTASTIC. Watch for upcoming ads.

**I am postponing the Memorial Cow contest until after May 1st. Come on you people! Immortalize me!!

**Lost is new again this week. MUST NOT MISS!!

**Another fish has met an untimely demise in my office. I am beginning to think conspiracy.

**When you yell out....*How do you spell conspiracy?* around here....people just spell it and do not even stop to ask why in the heck you want to know how to spell that!!

**Can you tell me nerves are shot?

**"Why did you not stay in the GED lab last week?" "Cause there was only one seat left." "eerrmm....yes and you could have sat at that one seat." "Well, since there was only one seat left I did not stay."

**The new Blue Bell ice cream flavor Bunuelos is TOO DIE FOR!! My favorite used to be Wedding Cake but now it is Bunuelos. I am sure that it will be a seasonal flavor so I better eat a bunch before it is gone.

**I am already getting ready for Pantipalooza 2007! Each month, I am buying a pack of panties. That way, I will have 12 different packs by February of next year. That will make it cheaper and easier for me.

**I have learned that FSIL does speak! He was in a great mood Saturday when he came down to get baby gator and he talked... a lot and we loved it! He also ate my dessert even though baby gator says he will not eat sweets.

**One my desk right now there are: computer, files, calender, plant, container of Sharpies, Bath and Body Works eucalyptus spearmint lotion, a yellow sticky note pad, my glasses, cell phone, assorted frogs, a kitchen timer, Sonic diet coke, the notebook for my Sunday school's classes prayer blog and a flying pig. I need like a *woman's world* sized desk.

So...tell me what is on your desk or work area right now!


  1. Hey, at least they auditors are nice people!

    Glad FSIL was feelin' talky this weekend. Probably out of self-preservation, I bet. (And who could resist your desserts?)

    My desk: files, papers, a lethal looking two-hole punch, notes from last night's DWI class, a gargoyle shaped holder of gargoyle pens with a little Homie nun stuffed in the middle, a box of kleenex and a moleskine notebook. Moleskine is perfection incarnate. For reals.

  2. On my desk: photos of The Attorney and the girls, stapler, coffee cup, tape, clock with company logo on it, box of tissues (I'm in Human Resources...a lot of crying goes on in here, both happy and sad), a small globe, and pictures of Phantom's kids, LG and Baby Blue.

  3. ~thinking~ poor tiny little moles who gave up their skins so that Rachel could have a notebook

    And yes....the auditors are nice!

  4. On my desk: photos of El Jefe, Babs and Portia; NIV Bible; stacks (neat!) of Christian education catalogues; 2 DVD's debunking the Da Vinci Code; Bible in 90 Days post-it notes; penholder stuffed with various junk; a rubber ducky from a retreat (don't ask, but visiting toddlers like it), and (ta-dah!) my downloaded copy of the Gospel of Judas which is TRULY a trip...

  5. Does my coffee table in my very own bar/lounge room count as work space if my notebook computer is usually on it? Two boxes of tissues (we don't cry in here; I just have a bad mulberry allergy and the @sshole neighbor next door has one in the yard)A huge Whataburger cup of iced tea left from lunch (it's just about perfect now. It was too strong to drink at lunch); TV remote; half a bag of Cheetos; Sunday ads that I never got around to looking at; orange juice carafe that I haven't bothered to put back in the bar; two Tupperware plates from mine and my daughter's breakfast this morning. (Yes, I am a lazy housekeeper.) And an old once empty tissue box that I use as a trash box for tissues.

  6. Good. Then since it's "work space* I won't mention the nearly full wine fridge over on the counter. Or the rack on the other end of the counter. Or... or...

  7. From left to right: phone and directories, Kleenex box (Sometimes I cry. Or blow my nose.), four-inch-tall jade plant that I grew from a leaf, green-shade lamp, pens and pencils holder, sticky notes, hand lotion, waterless hand cleanser, computer monitor, second pair of glasses, and covering the desktop, assorted papers and folders. It's the shelf above the desk that has the really interesting things on it.

  8. On My Desk: picture of daughter, baseball schedules, computer and speakers, big rubber band ball, slinky (the real metal kind), counseling brochures, an orange, staple remover, stapler, tape despinser, candle, fan, 32 oz drinking bottle, Jones soda bottle wearing a baseball jersey, telephone, recording device attached to telephone (he, he, he), paper clips, two bibles, half a dozen various note pads, contact sheet of digital photos, CD of photos on contact sheet, empty day planner, various newspapers, palm size tape recorder, palm size digital recorder, The Incredibles action figures, relay baton, printer, scanner, thank you note from Sierra Vista, empty corked bottle, pens, battery charger and various and sundry mock-ups of brochures that need to be completed.

    Some might say I need to clean my desk.

  9. On my desk:

    Pile of "crap to attend to", Pile of crap already dealt with, just not filed, a couple of piles of books, computer speakers, phone, pencil sharpener (dull pencils make Jesus sad), my Dell flat screen, (dude), my calendar, a pile of stuff to deal with tonight at Session, three different Bibles, the tea lights and votive cups for tomorrow's Tenebrae service, the leftover worship materials from Archie's service a few hours ago, my lapel microphone, Eucerin hand cream,a bottle of water, some wind-up toys, a deck of Old Maid cards, some candles, three sets of keys, and um...some dust.

    Crap. Now I have to add "clean desk" to my to-do list. Thanks a lot, pal.

  10. I have a pet roller, a stapler, a pic of me and Bebo, a stupid redneck calendar, the phone, a pic mof baby dog, a empty water bottle, cow ribbon, chachi's drum set, the printer, a pic of me and B, the answering machine, an address book, my digital camer, some random papers, a highlighter, some tape, a can of air, and my copoun holder. Yep that about covers it.

  11. My computer is perched on a corner of a table in the family room. Also on said table are: a lamp, a tv/vcr combo, tape rewinder, sharpie, highlighter, address book, notebook,pile of papers (mostly genealogy related), a newspaper, pens and a plastic thingie left by CollegeDaughter (I have no idea what it is)

  12. Rev Dave8:55 AM

    On my desk...toom uch to tote up eight now, but it all has something to do with Holy Week activities. And three, count 'em, three coffee cups with various stages of cold to hot coffee in them. Now you know how I'm getting through.

    Oh, and we have minature horses here in Wyoming as well. And here, they know how to drive, not just ride in the passenger seat. ;-) Take that, Texas!

  13. Hee hee! Rev Dave is funny!

    And why, pray tell, does jonboy have counseling brochures on his desk? Still haven't conquered the bed-wetting yet, brother-boy?

    *snarks, ducks, and runs*

  14. ~laffin~ You are funny dave! I think ours must be smarter horses...they have chauffeurs! ~winks~

  15. Rev Dave9:36 AM

    And, obviously, the Texas horses have spell check...

    This is Rev dave, from Tpyos'R'Su, saying, have a blessed Holy Week, Eryvone.

  16. ~laffin~

    Oh Dave...TOO. FUNNY.

    Do you blog???

  17. Rev Dave11:39 AM

    Nope. Just ride from blog to blog with my faithful canine companion, dispensing wisdom; wherever outlaws rule the West, wherever innocent women and children are afraid to walk the streets, wherever a man cannot live in simple dignity, wherever a people cry out for justice.

  18. So Dave...what brings you to these parts??

    Did you hear about our Texas Town Car of Justice and just had to see real live female crime fighters??

  19. Rev Dave1:39 PM

    I think I mosied my way over here from QG's blog (if I ever wind up in a church large enough to have staff, I'd gladly hire her.)

    My current hobby is observing Texans; it's kinda an anthropoillogical study. Just because we have cowboys here doesn't make Texans any more understandable.

    Central to this is discovering the meaning of the Texas Town Car of Justice. I think figuring that out will explain all. Or maybe it won't, but I'm glad to make the acquaintence of a crime-fighting princess.

  20. Good luck, Dave. I don't understand Texans and I are one.

    Sometimes we're just downright embarrasin'. And other times we're plumb honorable. And there ain't no good way to judge which way its gonna be on any given day.

  21. On my desk: a huge amount of paper stacked up messily

    the book Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou

    a pink breast cancer beanie baby bear

    a bowl that held the salad I ate for lunch


    Blimp toy that Ken and Brandon got for christmas and have never played with .... why is that on MY desk!?

    I need to go clean my desk!

    Mindy I'm SOOOO glad you are extending the cow contest. Things have just been too crazy and I hated that I missed it! :) I'll play, I promise! MB


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