So what does a girl do when she has tons of paperwork to do and cannot seem to crawl out from under it?? Why she takes pictures of course!! (yes flutterby....you were right!)

This is Rachel's office. Notice all the paperwork on HER desk! We are just busy busy busy!!

Rachel and her *Miss Grocery and Deli* pose.

This is Rachel hoping that, if she is patient enough and does not throw anything, I might just wander off soon.
One of Rachel's most prized office possessions! The gargoyle pens!! I think Jackson gave it to her.

This is the Flaming Fedora painting. It was painted by Rachel herself! She is our artist but she does not give out lessons. Is it not just so damned cool!

This is my desk. Notice all the paperwork on it! Oh wait, dammit.....if you look closely.....I do believe you can see bloglines on my screen. I SWEAR I WAS BUSY WORKING!!The view from my side. Women make up the majority of people who work in our office. Half of us have our fans going all the time. The other half have their portable heaters going. For reals. Then, occasionally, the wandering pigeon feather will shoot out of one of the overhead vents. The Sonic cup is a requirement.
This is the goldfish that will not die. I hate this fish. He is VERY aggressive and will not allow any other fish to live in the tank. He will run them ragged and then try to eat them. I think he is blind in one eye. So he spends all of his time, alone in the tank, looking at me with his one good eye. I want him to die so that I can get several friendly fish but I refuse to flush a live fish. What's a girl to do? And yes, the skull is Rachel's contribution to the aquarium. And Look! You can see part of babygator's picture there on the right!!

This is my wall of cows. Want to do one for me??? I would be so happy if you would!

And this is Chevy Pick-up. Notice the LACK OF PAPERWORK ON HER DESK. She was threatened shortly after this picture was taken by Rachel and myself. We accused her of having a cleaning lady come in to shred her papers in the night. She denies this happens.

WOW! This felt like show and tell!! Anything else you would like to see or know??


  1. I suppose if you've seen one Sonic you've seen them all, but still I would like to see a picture of your Sonic. Then I can imagine y'all sitting there in the TTOJ eating tater tots.

  2. So much fun to see y'all's natural habitat! I still wonder how y'all ever get any work done!

  3. love it... and the flower pics too

    I was SO HAPPY that you WON such a cool camera ... you are the BEST

    and oh I laughed at the nose comment - how is it that cameras always do that to our noses :)

  4. You are having soooo much fun with your new camera ... I love it!!! Thanks for sharing ...

  5. Annie - we don't get anything done, we just reshuffle all the paperwork!

    (I'm gonna git yew fer that Miss City Grocery and Deli comment, Mindy!)

  6. Miss City Grocery and Deli ... Ha! Ha! That contest came down to Rach and Sandra (the big lady who always looked pregnant)

    ... And we know that y'all don't really do any work over there.

  7. Anonymous6:30 AM

    I love your cavalcade of cows!


  8. Lol, I love the pics Mom. Your new camera is just so cool. I know you can get all that paperwork i just know you can.

  9. Hey Mindy! My sweet niece Mallory wants to draw you a cow picture! OK?

    :) MB

  10. Hey!!! Nice offices. And you won your camera. That's the way to "Up Yours" Best Buy!!!! Y'oughta send them a picture of it with a note: 'Dear Best Buy, thanks for messin' with me so long that I ended up winning a better camera than I was gonna give YOU money for!!!'


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