Good law people.....I keep getting tagged for this and soon there will be no more secrets!! *snickers*

Okay, Cathy tagged me so here are some more things about me.

1. I own a gun and I know how to use it. It would also not bother me to use it if I had to. My daddy went into law enforcement when I was 4 years old so I have always been around guns. I was taught to shoot a gun and to respect it at a very early age. Both of my children were also taught that same respect.

2. I only got 1 C in all of college. Everything else was A's and B's. It was an algebra class. I hate math. I worked my butt off in that class. The C felt like an A. I also only withdrew for one class and I did that the same day that I attended the class. The class was Logic.

3. My middle name is Ray....after my maternal grandfather. I wish that he was still alive. He and Bebo has much of the same spirit. I can remember laying in bed with him when I was tiny and listening to baseball on the radio. When I would climb up in the pick-up, he would always sing *Climb climb up sunshine mountain*.

4. I have a VERY weird knack for winning things. Someday I will set down and write a list to see what all I have won. One of the weirdest items was a 4 foot plastic inflatable shrimp.

5. I collect Sharpies, cookie cutters, cookbooks, frogs and crosses.

6. I take Lexapro and I am not ashamed to admit it.

7. The girls have 3 letters in their size. I wish that I could be happy about that.

8. I love Fergie and sing her songs out loud. Even the rounchy ones.

Okay, be good readers and tag yourselves.


  1. ok.. I am tagged. But it will be hard to narrow down my weirdness to just 8 things.

  2. I ain't taggin' myself.

    I just came here to tell you that I did not know what the heck you were talking about with the girls having three letters in their size, and all of a sudden, my old brain clicked into gear--it was a "well, duh" moment!

  3. well, annie may have gotten the thing about having three letters their size - but I am lost on that one!

    Everyone needs a inflatable shrimp. :)

  4. LOL Mom Gator. Don't feel bad my girls have 2 letters in their size. so I understand.

  5. The girls... Who are the... oh. Nevermind.

  6. And I swear I can hear your mother yelling MELINDA-RAY!!!! when ever you did something wrong. Because in small town Texas, all kids have a double name when they are in trouble. And if it goes to all three, you may as well just not go home.

  7. oh yeah, I forgot to add that I am a proud partaker of fluoxetine - aka prozac!

  8. Mindy has had a private conference with me on the girls - she has some stiff competition!

  9. Lorna (see through faith)11:19 PM

    I have a VERY weird knack for winning things. Someday I will set down and write a list to see what all I have won. One of the weirdest items was a 4 foot plastic inflatable shrimp.

    erm think the new camera was a better win don't you :)

    OH and I don't understand the girls and the three letters

    oh and you collect cows too - as well as sharpies (and I still use my sharpies you know !!! and think of you EVERY time. If they sold them here I'd be addicted too I think)

    Blessed weekend!

  10. I hated college algebra, too. Ugsome subject! (Took me a while on the girls, but I figured it out! heh.)

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only goober who had trouble with "the girls." But I figured it out all by my own self.

  12. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Heh... the girls... took me a minute, but I got it...

    A 4 foot plastic inflatable shrimp? Suh-weet!

    I don't win much, but I did win a 27-inch Sony TV about 8 years ago. My hubby wins stuff all the time, including money. A couple of months ago he won $1,200 on the lottery, and on New Year's Eve he won $2,700 at a casino. I love him!


  13. I hate math too, and managed to get through four years of college without it. My philosophy professor gave me a pity C in Logic. To this day I don't believe I truly earned that C. He liked me because I was newly engaged (thank God I did not marry that guy!!!), and I think it reminded him of when HE was nineteen and in love.

  14. melinda ray, you come down from there right NOW!

    Yup, works.

  15. Hey, do you have the White Trash Cookbooks, one and two? Those are classics. Got recipes for gator, possum and squirrel. Plus amazing pictures of the insides of refrigerators.

  16. It's completely wrong to be a 32 and still have two letters in your size, but there I am. You have my sympathy.


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