Best Buy and I are still dancing. They sent me a letter as to why they have declined my application for a credit card. Their reason? They were unable to verify that I am who I say that I am. I called them back up to discuss this some more. I politely tell them that their reasoning is bogus since I called them immediately that day when they turned me down on the net. They say since I was not able to correctly tell them how old my ex brother in law was at the time the question was asked...they had to decline the application. I asked them if my ex or his brother were asked MY age when they applied for their credit cards? Best Buy's answer: They could not give me that information since it is confidential. I pointed out to Best Buy that THEY brought those two men into this....not me. About 3 phone calls later, Best Buy ask me what it would take to keep me as a customer. My reply was to issue me credit card, allow me to buy the camera that was on sale and the kit that came with it at the sale price and admit that the questions asked to me the date I applied for the credit card were unfair. They told me that they could offer me the credit card and that was it. I told them no thank you.

Then early Friday morning something totally wonderful and unexpected happens and flips things.

These are the last 2 photos taken with my trusty little duct taped camera.

The pictures are of the BRAND SPANKIN NEW CAMERA THAT I WON!!!!!
This is the first ever picture taken with the new camera! I thought it was only fair that afirst and last should be done. Kinda like father time meeting the new years baby.

I have loved my little HP camera and it was a great little camera. Even when the battery compartment latch would not catch any more and I had to use duct tape. It helped me post pics to this blog and it also helped me sell a lot of things on ebaby.

But, the new camera......Oh My....the new camera.

It is SWEET!

The package was from eprize. They are a corporation that handles contests and prizes for other corporations. The letter stated that I had won a second chance drawing. A second change drawing is held when a prize is not claimed. It told me that I won but the letter never stated what corporation or game that the prize was from!!

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D-40 6.1 Megapizel digital SLR Camera! It came with 18-55 mm lense, 2 rechageable batteries and a carrying case.

I am one very happy girl!

These are just some pics I took outside this morning:

The lilac/purple fabric will be a new skirt and the pinkish will be a new tote bag for a swap that I am in.

This is a shot of place mats that I founf that will also be a new tote bag for a swap.

And this.....this is me being silly! It is really hard to take good pictures of yourself!

I SWEAR my nose is not that big in really life!!


  1. That's reeeally cool!

    You must have some sort of good Karma and if your luck holds, Best Buy will be the victim of a hostile takeover by Circuit City within the next 6 months.

  2. You look great, and so does your camera, and so do your pictures!

  3. Wow! What exciting news that is! I am so excited for you! Now are you going to tell Best Buy to kiss it where the sun don't shine, huh, huh??

    The skirt material is pretty.

    And I might want to ask you about ebay and making tote bags (I have this brilliant new idea).

  4. You have got to be the luckiest chick ever when it comes to winning things! Congratuations!

    I cannot believe how messed up this whole Best Buy saga has been. I'll think long and hard before giving them any of my business in the future. And since when should anyone be expected to know exact details about an in-law - or outlaw, as the case may be?!

  5. Hooray! You are gorgeous and a WINNER!

  6. No your nose is not that big in person. I am so excited for you about the new camera. Heck, I was excited when you call and told me. Love you!!!

  7. The camera is great ...

    ... but I want to know about that quilt you have it posed on. That's the important stuff!

  8. I love your flower pictures - and your picture is beautiful of you!!! You are one lucky woman!

    and... you have been tagged at my blog!

  9. WooHoo!! I'm so glad you got your new camera. The picture of you is great!!

  10. The pictures are terrific, and so is the new camera.

    But YOU are the best!

  11. OMG. Now she is going to think she has to put a picture up every freaking time she posts to her blog. Will it NEVER END???? sheeeeeesh!!! *snicker*

  12. Yep flutter...that is what that means!

    I have got to get a pic where my nose is not so big so I must practice!!

  13. Awesome!!! Dare we say that when God closes a door, God opens a window? Enjoy your new camera!

  14. HOLY COW! I have been pining for a D40 for ages and ages! Lucky you!

  15. Wow, what a turn of events! Take that, Best Buy! Congrats! (I didn't think anyone ever won those eprizes)

    Spookyrach: hee hee!

  16. SOOOOOOOOOO cool! Congratulations!

  17. Woo-hoo! You're a lucky girl!

  18. Yay! That camera looks amazing - I'm so pleased for you!


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