eeerrrmmmm......ABOUT THE COWS.....

I was getting all ready to post a new Friday cow blog when I discovered that the cow pics are on the home computer and not the work computer. I will try to get her posted tonight or in the morning.

So, you are left with whatever pics are here with me now.

First off, I am in two different swaps that I have finally gotten completed. The first swap was held on greenbeanbaby's blog. It was a *Fill'er Up* swap. The object of the swap was to fill a 10 x 15 envelope up for your swap partner and you could not spend over $10.00. My swap partner is from Singapore and I am so anxious to get her package!!! This is what I sent to her.

The second swap was an apron swap from One Hour Craft. We were paired up with a partner and my partner is from Canada. This apron almost kicked my butt!! I have never worked with piping or binding before so I really had to think while I sewed. I will make this apron again now that I have a feel for it. I think it would be so cute for the flounce and the pocket to be a different print then the body. What do you think?

I sent her an apron, measuring spoons, key chain, pincushion and a Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park cookbook. I LOVE this cookbook. It is so funny AND there are some really good recipes in it. I hope she sees the humor in it and does not just think that I am a barefoot girl that lives in the sticks.

Rach will not be cooking in the kitchen any time soon.

M2 is modeling the apron like a good friend.

That is Rach on the left.

Notice the display of disgust due to the apron. I am just glad she did not spit on it.


  1. The flounce and the pocket should be different colors, I agree. but it is a totally cute apron. I am so proud of you for teaching yourself how to sew. You go Mom Gator.

  2. The apron looks very nice, but I would never wear an apron. Contrasting colors would indeed look good.

    Once again, I ponder on the question of how much work y'all get done in any given day. Seems to me like y'all have WAY too much fun!

  3. The apron is really pretty. Seam binding and piping are a challenge, for sure. I personally prefer aprons that cover top and bottom because I am a condiment and ingredient magnet.

    That swap club sounds like fun. You send cool stuff.

    And don't let Rachel spit on your apron!! It's unsanitary!! If she must spit, we all need to chip in and buy her a lovely corner brass spittoon for her office.

  4. Rachel is a challenge to a girly girl like you. But someone has to supervise her!

  5. Go here:

    Something special just for you!!

  6. voting for the spittoon for Rach :)

    and with PB for the full apron too - with big pockets - cos I get more gunge on my chest than lower down. Don't ask... must be my challenging lack of height or something :)

    Can't believe you got so much for 10.00 in your envelope -- and you sent me the same book :) and I love it ....

    oh and what annie said - you seem to have WAY too much fun ... how on earth do you get it done?

    love you ... more 4 legged Mindy and Misty pics soon - we're going out for a long walk this afternoon :)

  7. Hi Mindy, I sent out your package on the 20th, you should be receiving it pretty soon. Do let me know pls. And I see the craft mag that you sent to me, can't wait to get it too. :D

  8. Well, I gotta admit, I was impressed by your flouncing abilities. Yessirree.

    You're right Annie and Lorna - we do have a ton of fun. This was between 7:30 and 8:00, before we open for business. We have an unspoken agreement that everyone gets here early for show-n-tell and what-have-ya. Then, there is lunch, break time, Friday afternoon ice-cream Hour, etc. etc.

  9. wow- I do wish I could sew, or be the tiniest bit good at crafts, but I am not- hey ho...

  10. I looooove aprons but it has to be the kind that goes around the neck because I am a MESSSY MESSSY GAL.

    Rachel better NOT be disdainful. Although she is multitalented I don't see her sewing any aprons...nope!

  11. Cuteness! Cuteness!

  12. Dearheart, do you know about the Sweet Potato Queens? They have a cookbook (of sorts). I suspect you'd get quite a kick out of them...


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