I was looking at the site meter and am amazed at how some people come to my blog! Examples:

1) *Amarillo hookers* I am the first site that pulls up with that. Now how oddly disappointing is that?

2) *what can i do ? cow will not let calf suck.* I am number 2 with that. *blink blink*

3) *daddy's little princess all grown up skin for bebo* eeeeewwwww...that sounds too Silence of the Lambish

4) *paula deen ex-husband* If I had a nickle for every hit my blog gets for this search....I would BUY my own Sonic.

5. *flaming hot cheetos red poop* *snickers* guilty

6. *chicken pincushions* okay....

7. *hot naked moms* ~howling with laughter~ Do you think that THEY were surprised?? I mean, I dance around naked eating flaming hot cheetos while making chicken pincushions but it anyone else's business?

So how is your Monday morning going??


  1. wow, you must be so popular.

  2. Hee hee! Those are the best hit lines ever! (All I ever get are gothic teenagers from eastern europe who are searching for "dark garden".)

  3. damn you have an interesting blog! I am curious as to why people search using those words!

    Every once in a while I use a phrase and I wonder if someone has Googled it - I don't check that part of site meter often, but I get some crazy ones for sure! But I think yours are more interesting / kinky :)

  4. Lol, I am not having a bad Monday. In fact it has been a rather nice day today. I laughed and laughed at your blog though.

  5. hahaha

    Today is my first day of unemployment. I've gotten a lot of laundry done.

  6. My last strange Google search was "hairy palms not cluster bombs." Yes, it was actually used in one of my posts.... Do a search and you'll find out why!


  7. My favorite blog hit was for "smelly vagina." I have no idea why.


  8. Where on sitemeter do you find these references? I can't find anything except referring URL/s.. Teach me, oh wise princess. (though Rachel is convinced we're the same person.........I'm the older one, Rachel! ha ha)

    No question, your blog rocks!! Though I missed the pictures on this post.......

  9. Amarillo hookers are the best.

    I've heard.

  10. oh sweet Mindy - how various and wonderful are your blog posts! I am with Diesel on this one - Amarillo hookers are, the best.

  11. OK, I was doing great until I got to Cheetos, then my afternoon coffee was a spray of giggles all over the computer...



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