This is Happy Hoofer. She lives at the day care center. I would be very very depressed if I had to live at the day care center. AS I approached her I talked to her, just like I do all of the cows. She was so very sweet and appeared to be glad to have the company. I explained to her what I was doing and asked if I could photograph her. She was more than happy to oblige and stood up very straight and tall for me.

Happy hoofer has 4 different pair of shoes on. Not really sure why but she does. Oh her front feet is a boot and a running shoe.

On her back feet is a high top tennis shoe and a loafer with a wild sock on. She is painted a bright blue color.
As I was taking pictures, she looked at me and asked, *Can I ask you a question and get a totally honest answer? I mean, considering we are both females with udders and all.*
Me *Sure, what is on your mind?*
Her *Well, *blink blink* I just...well...)
Me (realizing she was really nervous for some reason and stepping in a bit closer) *What is it sugar?*
Her *Well, I cannot turn my head to look behind me and I was wondering....well.....(FINALLY SHE JUST BLURTS OUT) Do I still have my TAIL????*
I quickly go to her hind in and have to tell her the news.........

Me *No sweetie, your tail has been snapped off. It is gone*
Her ~heavy sigh~ *I just KNEW it! It is not bad enough that I am blue with yellow udders! Not bad enough that it looks as though I cannot pick out decent 2 pairs of foot wear but I don't have a TAIL*
~Insert LOUD cow sobbing here~
Me *Oh I am so sorry but....well.....are you happy here. Do you love the kids that come out to see you from the day care?*
Her *Oh yes! I love it here! I hated the first place I was at because I was out in a field with no contact from anyone! Here, even when the children are not out here with me and telling me secrets, I can still HEAR them as they play. I stand here listening to the sound of children all day long. *
Me *Well, you really cannot tell that your tail is gone since your hiney faces the building. People passing by cannot see it.*
Her ~thinking~ *And you know, not one child has seemed to notice that my tail is gone! I guess it does not really matter all that much.*

This is her as I left. Happy to be where she is. Face looking out towards the street and tailess hiney facing the building.


  1. she's beautiful. Hope you told her that!

  2. LOL! Fabulous interview with the Day Care Cow. Have you thought about becoming a COW-nsolor?

  3. I have to laugh because when I was younger (100 years ago.LOL.) my friends and I would wear mismatched shoes to school, the mall, church...just for the fun of it.

    Cute post!

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I think she has four different shoes because her hooves are all different sizes!


  5. *wipes tears* That was such a mooo-ving story. God bless Happy Hoofer. Sometimes my udders look yellow too!

  6. I think she just needed someone she could trust to tell her... maybe the last person she asked wasn't straight with her. And yet she knew... she KNEW that something was wrong. I'm sorry she was so blue...


  7. An inspiring tail, to be sure.

  8. Why does that cow look like she could use a good hay stack or two for dinner?

  9. udderly charming...

  10. First - why is that cow not purple?
    I never saw a purple cow -
    I never hope to see one
    But I can tell you this right now, I'd rather see than be one.

    And her feet look like they HURT - she needs a pedicure.

  11. Poor thing. She does look a bit ragged.

  12. I thought she was going to ask you if her if those shoes made her butt looked big.

  13. Of course the kids love her whether she has a tail or not, and there she was all self-conscious about it. Good lesson for all of us.
    (It was probably a kid swinging on her tail who accidentally snapped it off!)
    I wear mismatched shoes too sometimes, but that's mostly because I can no longer tell the difference between black and navy without a bright light!

  14. What a sweetie. Bummer about the tail, though.

  15. I'm glad you had that little chat.

  16. And glad you told us about it!

    I am worried about her ankles, how in the world is she going to be able to stand up with all that bovine weight when she has the saddest looking ankles in the world!?


  17. Poor poor cow.
    But at least someone got a piece of tail.

    (ooo.... I can't believe I said that!)

  18. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Sorry to blog-whore, but I've just issued a blogger's challenge that I would like you to consider.


  19. Miinndyyyy...where aare youuu....

  20. Hey Mindy,
    don't make us sad.
    Write a new post
    for all your blog pals.
    Remember to show us all some new pics
    so we'll begin to smile again now.

    Hey Mindy,
    Where have you gone?
    Did you run off
    to live in Europe?
    Remember, you still have lots of friends here
    Oh please don't leave us for George Clooney.

    *click lighter on*
    Nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah nah
    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey Mindy,

    (etc. etc. etc.)

    We misssss you!!!

  21. Oh, Hi! You know me...Remember my blog Managing Life and money...? Just found time to come to your blog.It's just great (mine is nothing compared with yours).
    I like the cow, by the way... but it does seem to look sad. But it's veeery pretty...

  22. Oh yeah,
    and P.S.,
    if the reason you've not blogged recently is because you're dealing with more crapola than is decently necessary than let us know if we can help!!!!

    I'll wait to trim my toenails in case someone needs a painful kick in the katushie.

  23. Well, I know she has spent at least one day this week faking being sick. (We accused her of trying that new diet pill that makes ya poo yer pants.) Other than that, all seems well. I think she's just been busy.

    'Course if she was a true friend, she'd sacrifice some of her sleeping time just to write stuff to keep us intertained, don'tcha think?

  24. Rach, there's no doubt about it.

  25. THANK YOU for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate your professional advise....and your personal willingness to take the time to comment.

    Yes, parents do get in the way of their own desires! As parents, we are amazed often, by the very fact, that once, we thought the most difficult thing to do as parents, was childbirth! HA! Watching our adult child going through the pains of birthing to healthy adult so much harder....and without the offer of an's frightening!

    Your words have strengthened our resolve. And reminded us once again, to get out of the way of his journey. We try to help, but find that we are often stumbling blocks to the very thing we want him to get to.



  26. P.S.

    Oh--and thanks for the smiles this morning...those photos have left me with a smile on my face! It feels good to smile!



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