Cause....Ya Know....

Have you ever been driving and come to an intersection that you have the right of way to? The other driver barreling down the road has a stop sign but you get the sense that he/she is not going to stop. Sure enough, they run right through the stop sign and NEVER TURN THEIR HEADS to even acknowledge that you are there? You know like...if they do not make eye contact than you are not there and they are not doing anything wrong?

Well, I am sort of in a place like that driver that did not stop at the sign. I have totally lost my ability to focus and it has been like that for a good 6 weeks. I have all of these fires going and they burn really nice but, all the sudden, one jumps out of its little rock circle and I run over there to stomp it out and then turn around to discover that 2 more have jumped! So I just keep plowing through life doing every thing in a kinda sorta way not looking to my left or to my right to discover the things that I am NOT doing. I have 90 things to do and they are all half started but not completed.

I feel prickly.

But I am alright.

oes that make any sense to you at all???

Plus, I am having problems with my Internet at the house. I have always had dial up. Well my dial up company went out of business so I decided to go with wireless. Waited a few weeks for the guy to come out and then my landlord nixed the idea cause he does not want an antenna on the apartment. ~sighs~ So I turned to netzero until I could get something done. Then, I pulled up blog lines and there is like 450 updates and I just got overwhelmed. I am just starting over and will try to catch up on my reading.

Know what I can do with netzero? Check email. And that only takes a good 10 minutes to long on. It will not let me pull up type pad blogs for some reason. It will also not let me comment on blogger blogs. So, I pretty much gave up on the Internet at home. Tomorrow, a wonderful person is going to come and hook me up to cable so hopefully things are looking up.

I got to go home about 2 weekends ago and that helped a lot. I am going home this weekend too.

Bebo is at the ex's right now and that always makes me a bit antsy.

Best Buy and I are still in negotations.

So, right now, I am trying to make myself slow down and get things done from start to finish.

I have been tagged by Mary Beth, Lorna and Swan to give you 7 random facts or habits about me. *snorts* Like there is anything to tell! Here we go but I must warn you.....It is hard to come up with anything that I do not think that you already know.

1. I love peanut butter, honey and I like bananas. But DO NOT mix those 3 flavors with anything else or I will not eat it.

2. I check the stove and curling iron MANY times each and every morning before leaving....even if I have not used them.

3. I talk fast and loud. What? You do no believe me? Well, bless your little heart.

4. I would have been a drama teacher if I had gone to school right out of high school.

5. I cannot swim. My mom put me in swimming lessons when I was 6. They did not take.

6. I horde plastic containers and storage things.

7. I have 6 piercing in my ears but they are not all in the same places. ~grins~

And some more since I made ya'll wait so long!

8. When I have a day off, I will NOT go and buy groceries during the lunch hour or after 5. I think those times should be reserved for working people to go and buy groceries.

9. I keep money on a Sonic card and a Wal Mart card at all times in case of an emergency.

10. I love the color brown paired with other colors. I never used to like brown. I also am in love with toiles.

11. The first boy to kiss me, kissed me one night after a basketball game in the parking lot. He then started to drive home. My daddy (who did not know that the kiss had taken place) stopped him and gave him a warning ticket for driving without his headlights on.

**Picture of wildflowers taken beside the road on my way home to Clarendon.


  1. I'm glad you are okay. I was getting worried.

    About the prickly feeling, the inside of my right arm was all senstive the other day. Just that one spot. There was no rash or redness or anything, just a really sensitive feeling. Sometimes I feel like my whole body is like that.

    I do not formally know how to swim, either, although I suspect I could thrash around to save my life if I had to...for, like, five minutes or so.

  2. Yep...that is how I feel Miss Cheese.

    And I could dog long as I keep my head above water. *grins*

  3. Yes, I was getting a little worried too.

    But, glad you are still out there, even if you are prickly, stomping on fires, while not mixing certain combinations of food.


  4. Love #11. That's a classic!

  5. hi Sweetie :)

    SLOW down, take time to sniff the roses and other nice stuff.

    multitasking is an awful burden in the C21st and I can't do it anymore either (if I ever could!)

    and I'm taking / have taken a blogging break to find God. He's here somewhere - probably under the unfiled paperwork :) ... seriously I'm trying to find my way again - the only way I can do that is RESTING IN HIM if that makes sense.

    Glad you are more-or-less ok but I'm praying too, cos prickly feelings mean you need it :) and you're my sister

    LOVE the last detail too :) what a hoot!js

  6. Hey
    Glad you are at least hanging on by your fingernails... and I apparently deleted by accident either an email or a comment by you... Please re-send???

    I think I have dain bramage...


  7. I've been missing you and wondering why you were so quiet.

    Well, shucks. I thought there might be a better reason for your absence!

    Sorry to hear about your various befuddlements. I do hope things get better.

    I can't swim very well either...well, I do real good when I know I can touch bottom!

    Hang in there, girlsie. If I were there in person, I don't care WHAT Rach would say, I would give you a big old hug and pat you on your shoulder while I was hugging you, and I'd say "now, now, everything is going to be all right" (of course, I would also be muttering under my breath, "eventually", but I would hope you did not hear that part!

  8. (((mindy)))
    I love the idea of your emergency cards.

  9. Lol, I love your list Mom. I am a bit surprised that you did not put that I am currently one of your "fires". I love you so much!

  10. baton: *tap*tap*tap*tap*:

    Hey la,
    Hey la
    Our Mindy's back!!!

    Our Mindy's back and we getta laugh real loud now,
    Hey la
    Hey la
    Our Mindy's back

    She blogs again so we're gonna have some cows now
    Hey la
    Hey la
    Our Mindy's back.

    (Your daddy sounds like my daddy was. Only my daddy had a gun collection and a scowl, instead of a badge and a patrol car)

  11. (((Mindy)))

    I have checked every day to see if you were back. I'm glad you're OK. Maybe there are a couple of fires that you can let go out, or let someone else tend them for a while.

    Sonic emergency--I love it.

    PG cracks me up.

  12. WHERE'S MY MINDY????? That's what I've been sayin'!

  13. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Got here via Yankee T. I've read many of your posts and I must immediately add you to my blogroll. You're hilarious AND you love COWS! What a great gal you must be!



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