I have run out of cows. You have seen them all dear readers. No more cows until the new ones start showing up. So, I am revisiting some of my favorites. If there is a certain one that you would like to see again, just hollar at me!!
This is Dairy Potter. He is a calf that lives at the library. He is one of 2 inside cows. He is one of only 3 painted calves! The other calves live at an elementary school and McDonalds.
Isn't he just a cutie!!
This is Mooey Decimal! He is the other bovine that lives at the library.
And this cow is totally new to the herd!!! This is a magnet that I received in the mail yesterday from Sue Inner Dorothy!! She thought about me when everyone (except me and Rachel and maybe 3 other bloggers...but I am not jealous with all that blogger meet up and such...no not me *rolling my eyes* jealous is not a word in my vocabulary) was at the Festival of Homies *snickers*in Nashville! I was so surprised to get it! Was that not just so sweet of her??

And look at the totally sweet cow ribbon I got from loves2experiment!!!

And my Sonic just for Zorra. This is the place that feeds my Diet Cherry Coke addiction.


  1. I am IN LOOOOVE with Dairy Potter!! That is SO CUTE! I do remember it form the last time you posted it but it's just too cute! Especially now with the last book coming out. Ok. Maybe I should have added this as one of my *things about me* but I am a Harry Potter freak. I LOVE the stories and even belong to a mailing group of adult Harry Potter readers and we discuss and analyze them endlessly. The owner of the mail list is one of the top fanfic authors, and even recently had her latest book stolen and attempts were made to pass it off as the real last book. On EBAY of all places, lol.

  2. Dairy Potter is adorable!!

    Thanks for the Sonic pic! Oddly enough, your Sonic looks just like my Sonic....

  3. I adore Dairy Potter. Too cute.

    I'm glad you like the magnet!

  4. Dairy Potter is indeed the cutest ever! Love ALL your photos!

    And yes, your sonic looks like my sonic, too. If we can persuade the RevGals to meetup in Texas then we definitely have to include a trip to Sonic in the schedule, dontcha think?

  5. I love Dairy Potter. He is one of my favs.

  6. Those cows are udderly punny.

  7. Sure, everyone goes for the flashy Dairy Potter. I'm going with Mooey Decimal. He's into math and he helps us find our books!!!!!

    What's that? Just ignore that picture of Dairy Potter sticking out from behind my back.

  8. Anonymous10:17 PM

    There is a calf inside the literact center and a cow inside at Cargil...pw

  9. Nice job! When will the new cows start showing up? Any more ideas on how you're going to paint yours? (Orange Jumpsuit and a pushbroom?)

  10. As a (former) library lady, I just love Mooey Decimal.

  11. ROFL. Mindy, these are so cute. I find myself searching out 'cow stuff' now. If I find anything that you might get a kick out of, I'll be sure to send it to you!

  12. I like cows. My grandparents had a dairy farm and I used to ride them. The cows, not my grandparents.

    We haven't got a Sonic here, except the Seattle Sonics, which really doesn't count because I don't live in Seattle and you can't get anything good to eat there.


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