There are not one but TWO cows at one of our local car dealerships. The forecast called for ran so I went YESTERDAY to visit the cows instead of waiting until Friday morning!! After my brush with the law, I thought that I needed to have a little better preparation.

Jack Morris Ford is a car dealership here in fiberglass cow county. You have to hand it to them , both of these cows are in *action* mode and have lots of personality.

This is the longhorn that live in front of the *cowllision center* (the Jack Morris Ford body shop).

He is standing on the middle of a road with a Ford pick-up barreling down on him. The poor driver sports a big look of surprise...but the steer does not seem all that worried. The lights on the pick-up ACTUALLY WORK AT NIGHT!! I cool is that!

This is Mustang Cowly. You have met her before but it was when I first began doing Friday cow blogging. She looks towards the highway and she sits in her apple red convertible mustang.

Both Cowllision Steer and Mustang Cowly live on the same lot. She is looking away from him and dreaming of greener pastures/beaches.

He is looking across the lot AT her. Maybe that is why he is not paying attention to the pick-up that could turn him into ground beef.

Dig her sweet bikini! I love big girls who are still proud of their bodies! Maybe she shops Lane Bryant ? I bet they ask her to be in the next Dove Commercial.

Who is this you ask? Oh this is Fernando's nephew Javier! He just dropped by for the rent check. Nice young man but wow...does he have ever have an accent!


  1. Now Mustang Cowly's bathing suit has the bra cups on her shoulders. Shouldn't they be located at some udder place? (cue groans)

  2. *snickers* If you look really close, her udders are covered too!

  3. LMAO I was going to ask why Cowly has boobies on her shoulders. I mean, ya wanna keep them hiked up and supported but isn't that a little extreme?

  4. I see my issues with Mustang Cowly's bikini have been covered already...

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    in case you need i have all the pictures of the cows...and the current map.

  6. Cowlission! That's funny.

  7. I love the cow in the Mustang. She is one of my favorites!!! And Javier seems very familiar...have I met him before???

  8. Imagine my disappointment when I finally got that bikini top undone.


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