Hey! The interview meme is going around again and I wanted to play. Chilihead came up with this questions for me. If you wanna play, just let me know and I will ask YOU 5 different questions!!

1. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, forsaking all others, what would that movie be and why?

It's a Wonderful Life . Corny but honestly, could there be a better message ever??? It has been one of my fav's for a long time. Just backs up my theory that we are all here for a reason and we
CAN and DO make a difference. Sometimes I forget that and give up. So...where is my angel???

Then I would also sneak in Second Hand Lions, The Breakfast Club, One Night With the King, and Akelia and the Bee. I will be wearing a BIG jacket that day so you will not be able to see me sneaking them!! bbbwwwwaaaa hhhhhaaaahhhhaaa

2. If you had to give up the cows, could you do it? What, if anything, would you replace them with?
DAMMIT! Give up my cows??? Who was the silly person who signed up to play this game??? If anything at all could replace my cows...then it would have to be my crafts.

3. Boxers or briefs?

I think boxerbriefs are so hot!! Not that I have gotten to see them on a grown up MAN or anything! *rolling her eyes* But I LIKE them!

4. What is your ideal day?

My kids at home and we are all just being lazy around the house doing our own thing.
Ribs and corn on the cob from the grill....crafts...naps....maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Anywhere away from here right now cause the pissiness level is at an all time high.

5. You have five minutes to pack up and leave. What goes and what stays?

My kids!! I am taking all of our birth certificates and SS #'s (yes, we have been over this before! I am a nerd!!), any photos I can get my hands on, the letter that my daddy sent to my great aunt telling her all about me when I was just weeks old, the Red Velvet cake recipe that my grandmother used to make. It is my favorite cake of all time and the recipe is in her own hand writting, my charm bracelet, all of my grandmothers quilts that she has made for me and the kids. I would be heartbroken to lose my home and belongings but, material things can be replaced eventually...I am taking the stuff that I cannot replace. Oh, and my me on this one.

If you want to play....just let me know!!

And even if you do not want to play...leave a comment to let me know you have been here!


  1. What the hey--I'll play.

  2. I wanna play!! I am bored today. And I am ignoring the ginormous pile of dishes in the kitchen. So give me something more important to do. Like answer questions. 'Cause if you don't, then I will go shopping and that just gets me in more trouble than not cleaning the kitchen.

  3. Boxerbriefs? Is that what they're called? That's what I wear. They're so much more comfortable than pants.

  4. I love me some boxerbriefs too (on the husband, of course, because they just look silly on me)!

    You are a nut. BTW, the Lexapro would be in my bag too. :)

  5. Doh. Forgot to change the login info above. That comment from "ask" is from Chilihead. Sorry.

  6. ~waves hello while dashing about~

  7. What the heck, send me some too.

    My word verification: puyfzrdd

  8. Prozac is my drug of choice.

  9. Hey, I wanna play too!!!!

    Diesel: Hahahaha. You're a stitch all righty.

    And after that really, really bright green on the questons, I'm gonna need some Lexapro.....

  10. Gimme some questions. I need something to erase the picture of pantless Diesel from my mind. Eeew!

  11. I love your new picture.
    What a fun game. Maybe I'll do it soon.

  12. Give up the cows?!? I can't even imagine Mindy without her cows.

  13. And those boxer briefs are only great on a limited type of man-body, lol. Just.... trust me on that.

  14. I'd like to play too, please! If it's not too late.

  15. If I may pile on, I'd also like to play.

  16. Hi Jonah!! Blogger will not let me click on you to get to your blog!

    Please email me at:

    I would like to scope you out and then I will tailor your q's to ya!

  17. been here - love it - adore you.
    I'll play!
    p.s. - you and your movie(s) are so fun.

  18. hey I want some questions too :)

  19. I'll play! Ask ME!

  20. You and The Attorney with It's A Wonderful Life and Akeelah And The Bee.

  21. Lorna said I should come on over and play.... erm don't make the questions too hard!

  22. OMG! I'm in, Mindy! Me me me me!

  23. I think I forgot to tell you that I actually did play after you sent me the questions.

    Anyway, I did it.

    :) MB

  24. Whoa! You are one zany human being! Cool!

    Anyhoo, spooky rach sent me to request interview questions for my blog. It's bound to be better than what isn't there now!


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