Dear Best Buy,

I was very happy to receive your sales circular in today's paper. I was surprised and very pleased with your sale price on the Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I was down-right giddy when I realized that it was a package! The price was comparable to other sites plus I have a $100. gift card from your store to use that I won in a contest. I do not live close to a Best Buy, so I decided to apply online for your credit card. I have always been pleased with you, in fact, I bought an entire computer system and my last digital camera from you so I just wanted to spend my money at a great store likes yours.

I pulled up the application and filled it out. Kudos for the ease in your application! I had no problems with it what so ever. Imagine my surprise when the next page asked me:

What closest describes Kelly *#*#*'s age? With many options following it including *I am not familiar with that person*. How odd Best Buy! That name is the same as my ex brother in law's name! A man who I have not spoken to in OVER 14 years! Surely you could not mean him! So I checked *I am not familiar with that person*.

The next page then ask: What closest describes Roger *#*#*'s age? WTF??? That is my EX husband Best Buy! I am now looking behind my computer monitor trying to see if Ashton Kutcher is punking me. Well, no Ashton so I go ahead and plug in my ex-husband's age....thought I really did not believe that any of your business. Well, unless you are going to be throwing him a surprise party for his b-day and you were trying REALLY HARD to keep it on the down low.

The next page popped up and you can just imagine my surprise when it said that my application was declined because of my affiliation with Roger and Kelly! Excuse me Best Buy, but there must be a BIG mistake!!

So, in order to correct things and re-submit my application, I called your handy dandy little 800 number and spoke to an oh so nice operator named Donna. I laughingly explained to Donna what had happened and knew that she could clear things up lickety split! Imagine my dismay when Donna informed me that Best Buy would not be wanting to give me a credit card BECAUSE of my ex and his brother and the debt that they owe to your company. I explained to Donna that I had been divorced for 14 years and had never ever in my life had a Best Buy credit card when I was with the cad or since! I speak to my ex maybe 5-6 times a year! I am sure he is IN Best Buy more than he talks to me! She finally figured out that, when you asked me for my drivers license number Best Buy, you even ran the history on marriage licenses and that must have been how you connected me to that *spits* family. She was even able to confirm to me on the phone that I have most excellent credit Best Buy.

Her advice to me was to go into your store and buy something with my $100 Best Buy gift card. Walk out of the store turn around and walk back into the store and return the purchased item so that I would receive my $100 in cash. She then instructed me to go to Circuit City with the Best Buy flyer and explain to them what Best Buy had done to me. She was certain that Circuit City would honor the Best Buy price and, more than likely, throw something in extra for all of my trouble. Then, I would also be able to pay them with the crisp $100 bill that Best Buy had returned to me.

First of all Best Buy, you should give that Donna a big ole raise. You have one smart cookie answering your phones on a Sunday afternoon. You should promote her to a department that needs some good old fashioned COMMON SENSE Best Buy.

Second, I want you to sever me from my ex and all of his trucker family. The LEGAL SYSTEM was able to do that Best Buy. I am sure that it should not be a big stretch for you. I pay my bills and have very good credit. I have bought many things from you in the past but, if you cannot make this right, I will have to take Donna's advise and leave you for another company.

Now I know as you read this Best Buy, you are thinking to yourself, what can little old Mindy do in a little town like Fiberglass Cow Country? My not buying my camera from you is not going to make one little dent in your earnings. You will not even know that I have left you. Have you ever heard that *word of mouth is the best advertising that there is* Best Buy?

And don't you just love the Internet?

And isn't it so ironic that I am typing this letter out to you AND to all of the blogging world on a computer that I BOUGHT from you with cash?? Cash that you did not refuse even though I am Roger's ex wife?

I left my phone number with Donna. She assures me that she is going to pass it on and thinks that I will hear from you soon. Let's hope so....for your sake.




  1. Oh-my-goodness! What a nightmare! I so understand your anger because this is EXACTLY the kind of nightmare I could easily have with my ex. (Also spits.)

    I hope they straigten this out. If they don't, let us know. I'll certainly keep it in mind the next time I shop for a new techno-gadget.

    Word of mouth? You better believe it!

  2. Best Buy ought not done that Princess. They should be ashamed of themselves and if they do not find a way to accommodate you, I will refuse to darken their doors ever again.

    Anyway, Circuit City has that no-interest sale that comes up every so often, and maybe they would price match for you.

  3. Oh my goodness. I have enjoyed Best Buy in the past, but, considering what they have done to you and that someday similar could be done to me or mine, I hereby throw in with you! I will be linking this post to my blog and spreading the word. Such as I can.

    And if Best Buy does NOT make this right, I will not shop there again.

    This is what scares "them", that we might actually organize again. Like in the 60's when it made things change.

  4. So, Mindy, where is the Texas Towncar of Justice when you REALLY need it? Did Rach take it down to the Sonic?

    That. Is. Just. Dreadful.

  5. Obviously Best Buy does not know who they are dealing with. You go girl! I bet you hear from Best Buy!

    That Texas Towncar of Justice comes in handy!

  6. Well i've heard many times that you can be denied a credit card because of you ex husband's credit rating. A divorce affects your credit history and one needs to know all the details concerning home budget and credit cards when in the process of divorce. Maybe you missed something. I think it wouldn't be out of place to contact your financial consultant.

  7. You are a force to be reckoned with on all kinds of levels, aren't you?

  8. Well she was wrong on one major thing; they will NOT give you cash back. You will get another gift card. They do not give cash back on gift card purchases. No one does. Keep an eye on Circuit City and wait until they do a no-interest thingy. And then make sure you keep up the payments and pay it off in the time limit; otherwise you get socked with fees anyway. We do things like that all the time. That is how I got my camera; and my notebook.. etc. But... they came from BestBuy.

  9. ROFLMAO!!!

    Songbird is so right!

    I'd be glad to drive ya in the TTOJ to visit their corporate headquarters, but I imagine it will not be necessary. I betcha Best Buy comes looking for you, hat in hand!

    This is soooo funny!

  10. I hope you just didn't get Donna fired for telling you to go to that other store ...
    But it's a funny story.

  11. Your letter was great. When they sort out the shambles (and they will) I hope - for their sake - that you'll write a sweet letter of thanks :) ... otherwise they will lose a lot of RevGal custom and maybe those we influence too. And that would be - erm - a shame!

    Keep us posted :)

  12. I stopped shopping at Best Buy years ago when I purchased a small stereo system that was around $130, paying cash. I returned it next week, and was told that I would have to wait for a refund check from corporate, since their policy was not to refund over $100 in cash. But, the clerk informed me, if I wanted to buy something else that took the refund down to $100 or less, I could have cash right them. Despicable business "practice", completely unethical, especially for a national chain. I waited for the check.

  13. Best Buy AKA LaBelle's (Circa 1980's) cum "Schaak Electronics" in the 70's were schmucks then and it appears they still are. Who says that you can't get the same service as we did years ago?

    (I find it ironic that the word verification string was "fuqyum" on this comment; I kid you not! Has Best Buy infiltrated Blogger? Careful, Empress!)

  14. Sistah!

    I was going through some Word files yesterday, and I came across a *scorching* letter I sent to the CEO of the company that screwed us when we bought our new furniture three years ago.

    I also found the letter I wote to the mortgage company who put us through three days of "not knowing if we had a house to live in or not" HELL.

    Wouldn't you know it, the letter I wrote to the office manager of the dental practice in which the Endodontist From You-Know-Where works was in the same file.

  15. no more best buy for me - you're my hero!

  16. After enduring my own Best Buy "issues" - though nothing like this, I have also cancelled my relationship with them. What's their problem?

  17. You make me LAUGH!!!! Good for you! I hate Best Buy (spits)

  18. AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA! My Mom Gator just talked shit to Best Buy! HAHAHAHA!

  19. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I shall file a complaint.
    Thank you


  20. I could see how your ex's credit could affect yours for credit cards, etc that were acquired during the marriage that he kept after the divorce, but for something from after the divorce? That shouldn't have been counted against you.

    Best Buy stinks though. They're refusing to permit me to purchase memory for my computer unless I bring their geek squad people my computer for them to look at. I refuse to do so, as I know the trick, they look it over and attempt to get me to replace perfectly good parts because they wish to make extra money.

    I say BOOOOO to Best Buy.

  21. I think its great you are standing your ground here, even though I don't know what Best Buys is - obviously a good thing! Please let us know the outcome and good luck with future purchases from a more caring company that deserves your patronage.

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  23. You go girl! When you're finished, will you take on Target for me?

  24. I guess there's no statute of limitations on exes f***ing up your life.

  25. I used to like Best Buy, then I realized they either didn't have what I wanted, or the employees there didn't know what they were doing...didn't know what stock they had and didn't want to take the time to check...I lost interest in them.


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