Rest in peace sweet sweet Charlie. I am so sorry that you had to die. *sobs* But, you died a hero and with aplomb.
I have been tagged for several different memes. I promise that I am working on them. I am just grieving so you have to be patient with me. *sobs some more*
I am wearing black today.
I have never in my life been as wrapped up in a show as I am with Lost.


  1. I agree I LOVE LOST

    I couldn't cry much tonight when Charlie finally kicked the bucket. I think I did all my crying last week . Now we have to wait until January


  2. You are a nut! (Is that really why you're wearing black?)

    I wanna die a hero with panache.

  3. I haven't watched it yet--you just ruined the ending!

    Just kidding! I don't watch Lost. I'm probably the only one in the USA who doesn't. I"m hooked on the Sopranos (2 episodes left--what will happen, I'm on pins and needles!) and I can only handle one big show at a time.

  4. Amy, you are missing much better writing and story on Lost. Time to switch when they kill off all da mafioso-so guys.

    And I'm with you, Your Highness. But, I gotta say, judging on their past story gymnastics, here's my crystal gazing for the future (You heard it first, right here!!)

    Charlie is NOT dead. He wiggled his skinny self out that porthole window and made it to the top. The doc's experience was a dream (ala Bobby in the shower on Dallas) and Jake is gonna turn out to be one of the crash survivors.

    All I can say is that they best be keepin' Des around. And have him lose his shirt more often.

  5. Oh PG....I would love that theory but the writers announced that yes indeed, Charlie is really dead. He will appear in flashbacks but he will not be actually alive on the series anymore.

    At least they let him die as a hero and allowed him to redeem himself.

    And you are a NUT Amy!

  6. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *grab soaking hanky*

  7. Awww come on. He's in the shower. He sure looks like he needs one. And Amy, you are *not* the only person who doesn't watch this show. I do not either.

  8. He is NOT in the shower flutter.

    And of course he is dirty! That pic was taken after he had just crashed onto the island!

  9. Yes Mindy, let us have a moment of silence in honor of Charlie.

    What is really sad is that now we have to wait till Jan 08.

  10. I'll miss him, too!

  11. Charlie died a hero but Hurley in the VW bus was quite the hero too. Who saw that coming? (pun intended)

  12. I miss every durn thing. My DH is in charge of the remote which is okay cause i allow it. which means almost all we ever watch is COPS or equally horrible things. OR, National Geographic which I love.


  13. Anonymous12:23 PM

    omg...HE'S NOT REAL....IT'S JUST A SHOW!!!!!

  14. I knew I should have started watching Lost. Now I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm such a nerd.

    What's that music?

  15. Maybe he's not really dead.

  16. Wait a second, Rachel...Who's Panache and does Jackson know about this?

  17. "LOST" is the only television show I watch ....:-) Being an Aussie, we are behind you with your telecasts, I was sad to know that Charlie dies.

  18. are you still in mourning .. it's been a week now Mindy!!!

    come puppy watch :)

  19. I never saw it. But he's hot.

  20. Baton: *tap*tap*tap*tap:

    Oooooh, where oh where has our Mindy gone?
    Oooooh, where or where can she be?
    Has she done gone run off
    with that fiberglass calf,
    and moved to go live by the sea?

  21. :) @ PGal

    but Rach can you send out that carmobile and get Mindy back. We're missing her like CRAZY

  22. Ditto what they said! Mindy, I know you're sad about the TV guy but you have to get over it. Because, because, I miss you!


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