Totally screws up all the VBS and Sunday School songs I have even learned.....

Chicken Express loves the little children (chicks)
All the children (chicks) of the world
Red and yellow, black and white (and feathered)
They are precious in Chicken Expresses sight.
Chicken Express loves all the children (chicks) of the world.

Chicken Express love me
this I know
Cause the menu tells me so
Little ones to the corporation belong
they are weak but it is strong
Yes...Chicken Express loves me
Yes, Chicken Express loves me
Yes, Chicken Express loves me
The menu tells me so.


  1. OOOOoooooooo you are so going straight to hell. *snicker*

  2. Flutterby, perhaps, perhaps. But if this is so, then her chicken meal will be delicious blackened cajun. And I'm told that's worth the trip.

  3. I hate the chicken people.

    And PG makes me spew coke at the computer, every.freakin'.time.

  4. But the chicken wouldn't go there with her. It's been blessed. So she'd go hungry down there, lol.

  5. Is Chicken Express chicken any good? We don't have that in our neck of the woods...

  6. I've never eaten at one. The fact that the chicken looks as though it has been launched out of something has always made me uneasy.

  7. So funny. My husband loves Chicken Express because they have (y'all put down your drinks) livers and gizzards. He loves him some fried chicken gizzards.

    Me, I don't want to even think about it.

    I tagged you for a meme! come see it at my place, dated 5/22.

  8. errr Mindy - you've been taggged over at my place


  9. What do you expect from fast-food theology? Who's more likely to cluck the truth, a jet-propelled chicken, or Benny Henn? :)

  10. So Mindy is *it*?! LOL. And not once, but twice! Ugh... my dad used to love to fry up gizzards and livers when I was a kid. I never like chicken in any way shape or form back then. I learned later in life that was probably because I never got to eat white meat, lol. Now I actually eat chicken from time to time.

  11. The signs you take pictures of are so tall! And they are always from places I've never heard of...

  12. You make me LAUGH!

  13. don't go for the chicken, go to the NEW ones to get FROZEN CUSTARD!!! and sweet tea, yes, the bucket


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