Made a new purse a few weekends ago. Dumped it on my desk and let it spill out so that I could tell ya just what all is in it. Just kind of a glimpse into my odd little world ~grins~

Lots of stuff inside of that little thing! Items include: Billfold, Kleenex holder, Check book and pen, WW membership book and book mark, WW cook smart and situation solved booklets, Wal Mart receipt, Green plastic fork and spoon, 2 Click it Sharpies (purple and black) ~A girl MUST have Sharpies available at ALL TIMES~, 1 Big Assed Marks a Lot (blue), Sunglasses, Glasses, Shick Intuition container with my vitamins and meds in it (I am addicted to plastic containers. PLUS OMG….Shick Intuition razors are the bestest things ever made!!), Keys, Curel foot cream, a blood orange, Blue Faux-Pod (Mine is a Zen), Skull Candy Ear Buds, Copied Fly Leaf CD (AWESOME!! Especially if you like hard rock Christian music), Blue Coin holder with a little green frog on it that says Rich and Hoppy! ($1.20 in change....does that make me rich?), Eclipse Fusion Gun Peppermint Berry (ack! DO NOT BUY!! *spits* Taste like nasty cough drops), Tiny mirror with my initial on it that Fidget made for me...on of my treasures, Revlon Lipstick #300 Goldmist Bronze, CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint #1138 (FREAKEN love the stuff!!), 2 Subway Coupons, A chance ticket I bought on a $250 gift card, Cell phone, and the duct taped camera was in it but I used it for the photo. I BARED my purse. I DARE you to show a pic and tell me what is in yours!! Leave me a comment so I can come and look at yours on your blog or at least tell me what is in yours in my comments.


  1. I am so with you in the Intuition Razors. They are the best and now I have the Wondergirl hooked on them!

    My purse is not very exciting, because I change it every couple of days (I rotate through a couple of different ones--I like to match my outfit. Yeah, its a sickness.)

    Thanks for letting peek into yours.

  2. YES YES on the Schick!! I buy the refills at Sam's though... they're kind of not cheap elsewhere but I swear they would be my ONE indulgence if I had to give everything else up. I actually shave my legs on a regular basis now. Ok. Challenge taken. I will post the contents on my blog. But it will be a very short post.

  3. In my purse (which I bought for a buck at target!)--

    Billfold with NO money in it (license 2 credit cards and an insurance card though);
    Ipod and headphones (the small kind that slip over your ears
    23 cents
    Cell phone

    At one point, I had pictures of the kids in my billfold, but my youngest likes to take them out and claim them as her own.

    I come from the minimalist camp when it comes to purses. But, don't even ask me what is in my car! Oye!

  4. You'll have to wait a couple of days. My bag was stolen out of my car a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still recovering.

  5. Lol, your a nerd. I will have to do my purse or work bag tomorrow. Love you!

  6. Just for you

    Right on with the Intuition Razors!! Though I do miss the blood sometimes.......Red is a good color on me.

    All you other ladies, c'mon!!!! Pony up now. This purse packin' is serious bidness!!!

  7. Christine1:08 PM

    Hmm, isn't that purse made out of the same fabric as the shirt you're wearing in that picture of you and your calf?


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