Swap Thinking A La Recipes

Okay, I am getting really ready to do start the recipe swap! Who is in??

This is my idea.....we have a recipe swap every few weeks with a different theme each time. You would send a hand written recipe to who ever your partner is and also email the recipe to me. I would keep up with all of the recipes through out each different swap. Then, in the end, we might just have enough to make us up a cookbooklet. I think Kinko's would print them up for us. Then, we could determine the price of printing and mailing and ~insert big musical flourish here~**TA DA** each of us have one! This would really be an easy swap and maybe even more people would participate.

I would like us to start with deserts. What do you think about it? Come on and be honest. I want this to be fun and still work for us all. What'ca got??


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