Conversation At Goodwill

During lunch yesterday, I decided to run to the local Goodwill and see what treasures I could find. I love Goodwill. Heck, I love any type of thrift store. We even went to the thrift stores while in Austin. Anyway, here I am shopping, minding my own business, when I noticed a woman that kept glancing at me. With my job, I have met ALOT of people. I continued to shop. The woman continued to glance and get closer. Her buggy was squeeky so I pretty much knew where she was without looking. The squeeking stopped and I looked up. There she was in front of me looking at me.

Her *Don't I know you?*

Me *hhhmmm, maybe.*

Her *Yes YES I do know you!*

Me ~just shopping and not making eye contact~

Her *I met you at PJ's (a local bar) a few weekends ago! You were have that cute boyfriend that is really really tall!*

Me *No. That was not me.*

Her *I just know it was you!! I remember telling my friend that your boyfriend was so cute and you looked so nice wearing that red dress. Remember now? I know you must remember!!*

Me in a low voice *Yes, you do know me. You do not know me from PJ's*

Her *Oh I just knew it was you! We all had such a good time that night. The music was great!!*

Me *Ma'am, I used to be your probation officer. That is how you know me.*

Her and her buggy that has now found warp speed *SQUEEK....SQUEEK....SQUEEK.....*


  1. HAHAHAHA, how do people forget things like that? Like you use to be some sort of authority figure...but...I just can't put my finger on it.

  2. She kept going on and on about my tall boyfriend which just made it that much worse since THERE'S NOT ONE!!

  3. LOL! People (women) used to stare at me too, in public, desperately trying to figure out where they knew me, back when I worked at Planned Parenthood. It was hard to *not* tell them, "Well, last week I sat down and explained to you and your boyfriend how to take your meds for Chlamydia."

  4. That is too funny. Just how does one manage to confuse their former probation officer with the lady in red who had a tall boyfriend??

  5. ROTFLOL! As for the cool red dress and the handsome tall boyfriend--from her lips to God's ear!

  6. That is just so hilarious!! She obviously didn't learn anything about YOU when she was under your care did she?! LOL

  7. Woopsie! That is really hilarious. I love that.

  8. Hee-hee, you made me laugh again, Mindy. That's twice in one day. Thanks for the entertainment! For a bit there I thought you were going to say she was a secret blogger who recognized you from your site.

  9. ~laffin~ Revmom..that is too funny!!

    QG...I love that thought! Thank you.

    David...what was the first laugh?

  10. That's too funny!

    I can just see her face!

  11. Good one. I love that she kept trying to convince you how she knew you! HA!

  12. Mindy, that is a fabulous story!

  13. Next time flash your badge.

    P.S. I'm also a thrift store junkie.

  14. This is a classic! LOL!

  15. Love it!
    And, I love Goodwill. I found great stuff there today, too! Hope you found something wonderful.

  16. lol :)

    "lady in red,... la la la "

    and there I was thinking you had a red dress and a tall boyfriend :)

    hugs and blessings

  17. Well, Min, I don't know how it is with parolees, but once you've discussed somebody's hoo-ha with 'em, it's hard to forget who they are.

  18. OMG, I peed my pants laughing at this! Truly funny!

    What thrift stores in Austin did you go to? We do that when we're in Austin too.

  19. LOL! That is sooooo funny!


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