*I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane......*

Bet you thought I had already left. I feel like I have neglected this blog all week long but it has been a really busy week. I have tried to get alot done so that I do not worry so much while I am gone. It has been an excellant week! First off, M2 is a bit disappointed that her pic was not featured with Rach and I since she is going too. So here for your viewing pleasure I present......

The 3 of us....

M2, Rach and myself......with E (chevy pickup) taking the picture. We all had the giggles.

*Going to be in Austin all week so miss me!!

*Baby gators engagement ring is BEAUTIFUL.

*She has already found a dress and I love it!

*Bebo is happy cause his grand-daddy is here with him for the week.

*I heard LORNA's voice!! We have not actually gotten to talk because either the connection sucked or I was not home but SOON!

*I bought the vehicle!!

*Gave out my last *Buggy* certificate so I have to make more.

*Friday cow blogging will return in February.

*When I get back....a recipe swap! My ideas....the recipe has to be hand written. Also...if you wanted to send a special ingredient found in the recipe that might work too. Be thinking!

*I realize that Austin is a hard place for alot of you to meet up at. We are going to get to Dallas before the end of the year and I think that will be easier for alot of you. START THINKING AND PLANNING ABOUT IT!!

My bags are packed and the girls are coming to get me. I will miss the net and reading the blogs. I will be just about 2 weeks behind when we get back. I will bring you all a present! Be good! Write comments for me! Sign the danged guest map if you have not already! Sheeze....make up a name if you are afraid of the Mafia finding you and just let me know what name you are signed under. I SWEAR I will not tell.


  1. No idea what's up with the phone :( but now we've both heard each others voice as I heard you answer (once!) I do hope it wasn't you I heard slamming the phone down too ...heavy breathing I was not !!!

    have a great trip. Missing you already.

    Hand written :( NO-ONE will be able to disipher mine, can I cheat and get DD to write it out for me?

    I think it would be cool to ask for a three course thingie

    lunch /dinner

    not that we eat both starters and desert

    so maybe it's enough to have a main course and a desert (or a cake)

    If we could get all the Rev Gals on this - maybe we could really do a recipe book sometime? "blogging in the kitchen" ROFL

  2. Great post! So upbeat! I hadn't heard the news about Baby Gator! Wow, that's Quotidian Grace and Mindy as mothers of the bride this year!

    Also PLEASE keep me posted (via e-mail if possible; I'm not reading blogs as regularly as I'd like) on the Dallas dates. I have family there and I definitely want to try to meet up.

  3. Missing you already!!!

  4. Congratulations to Baby Gator! I hadn't heard the news either. BTW, that's a nice picture of you.

  5. Congrats to Baby Gator! Happy travels.... Hope you all have a lot of fun. Can't wait to hear the stories when you get back.

  6. AAAGGGHH! In the pursuit of a weddding dress I will actually BE IN AUSTIN Thursday and maybe Friday. If you read this, email me and let me know how to get in touch with you and Rach.

    Since Portia will be living in Austin until about a month before the wedding we decided it made more sense to try to order the dress from a store there so she didn't have to go back to Houston just for alterations while taking the dang Bar Exam.

    Wish I'd known sooner...but Dallas is a good possibility too.

  7. Forgot to add: best wishes to Baby Gator! Are you feeling like the MOTB yet?

  8. Dal-las! Dal-las!

    WHOO HOO! Gonna have a meetup and I'm a gonna be there!

    Great news about Baby Gator! That rocks.

    Yesterday I went to the grocery and brought my cart in with me from where it was loose in the parking lot. I said, "This one's for you, Mindy!" :) Naturally, I put it away in the corral when I was done, too!

    Hope you have a great time in Austin. Coolest city around.

  9. Mindy, St. Casserole and I thought of you when we were putting buggies away last week!
    I'm delighted to hear all this good news, just sorry I'm nowhere near Texas.
    Have a great trip!
    I am all for a recipe swap.

  10. UPDATE: Baby Gator emailed me contact info for Mindy in Austin and we're going to meet up! Woo-hoo. Report later. And maybe a picture.

  11. just realised that photo of Rach (is it her with dark hair on the left isn't it) looks likemy friend Ruth.

    She'll do a guest blog spot on stf next week- do swing by and give her a hug

    I'm off to seminary for a couple of weeks - so we miss each other again. but after that I try phoning again (end of the month)

    love Lorna

  12. Oh for Heaven's sake its time to post something new! Listen to me talk

  13. I agree with Christmas lights in June...time to tell some stories...


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