Okay....Time For Input!!

The more I think about it, the more I want to do what was discussed in the last post. So, this is what I am thinking:

Find a place to donate to that includes women. That can mean a food pantry, crisis center, shelter just what ever.

Donate items. This means panties or any other pampering item. I am thinking nail polish, good smelling shampoo, panty hose, purses, chocolates, cookies, cards, lotions....anything that it takes to make a woman feel a bit more like a woman despite her circumstances. I am going to try to make some Valenties to go along with what ever I donate.

Everything will need to be donated to where ever you choose around Valentine's day. If we draw this out it will never get done.

I am in for this. Anyone that wants to join me is more than welcome to join me. I will keep you updated on my progress. I ask that you do the same by either posting something about it or by leaving me a comment.

So, now for the fun part. We need a name for this project of ours. Leave me a comment and we will see just what fits.

Here are some of my ideas just to get you started:

Pantypalozza 2006

The Great Panty Raid of 2006

It's A Girl Thing

So, I am all ears....tell me what ya got!!


  1. Pantypalooza wins! And welcome (at long last) officially to the RGBP webring, Mindy!!

  2. Pantypalooza has got to be it.. it just... works. LOL
    I wonder if the lipstick/crack addict would donate some makeup and perfume.. and her eyelash curler.

  3. I am thinking that she won't flutterby. I think those things are just too precious to her. I noticed that she never once mentioned *Jane* cosmetices or the Olsen twins stuff.

  4. Pantypalooza is great. I came in here to suggest "Princess for a Day" in deference to Your Royal Highness... and wasn't there a TV show called Queen for a Day?

    Back to the voice thing--soft-spoken? Never! I'm hearing loud, warm and friendly with a quick, contagious laugh.

  5. Loud...yes. I laugh alot. ~grins~ Rach could describe it better.

  6. Think Flo from Mel's diner, then tone that down a few notches and give her a college degree. Yep, that's pretty close.

    Pantypalooza is definitely the best! Where are you donating your stuff?

  7. Then she's been on her best behavior when I have talked to her and seen her.. sigh.. what else are you hiding from me huh??!!

  8. I am down for whatever you want to call it Mom Gator. Just let me know.

  9. Pantypalooza! I am SO THERE!

  10. It *must* be Pantypalooza!

  11. Woo hoo! I'm in. Pantypalooza, here I come!

    love it.

    so glad you are in the ring now!

  12. Pantypalooza! I'm so in for this...

  13. Oh, good grief! OK, count me in for Pantypalooza, too. But Cat is doing the shopping!

  14. Count me in too!


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