This has been a frazzled week.... But I am overwhelmed by the blessings that I do see. I am sure that I have missed 100 right under my nose because of how the week has been but I have still been aware of many.

1. Second chances

2. Sleep pants

3. Beads

4. Going to the Capital

5. Good books

6. Lost being new

7. Having money on a Sonic card

8. Hearing how all of ya'll are being cart courteous

9. Touch

10. New candles

11. My Fossil watch that I bought at a garage sale for $4.00. For reals!! And it works.

12. Having someone that you do not really know, acknowledge that you did a good job.

13. The boss announcing that everyone can have a free coke.

14. Honey and Shea from Bath and Body Works.

15. A carton of tofu sitting in the fridge just begging me to learn what to do with it.

16. Coupons

17. Getting a compliment on a piece of jewerly that I made and the other person not realizing that I had made it.

18. Getting to read brand new blogs and wonder how in the world I ever thought that I would not have enough words to keep writing.

19. Tins

20. Enough money in the bank to pay all of the bills.

21. A doctor who will prescribe a higher dose of a pill for 30 days so that you can cut it in half and have a 60 day supply and only having to pay for a one month co-pay.

22. Home made chicken noodle soup

23. My own pillows. The pillows at the hotel were wonderful and fluffy....but just not mine.

24. Vanilla beans

25. People who say that they will pray and the knowledge that I know that they really will and it will be just as important to them as it is to me.

26. Lindt chocolate

27. The phone ringing

28. And each and every one of you who reads this blog and hangs in there with me.

Okay....your turn....


  1. You forgot duct tape, WD40, Gorilla glue, and Reynolds non-stick foil.

  2. Fantastic list. Perfect. Cheers to you!

    I'm rather fond of Swedish Fish.

  3. Those are good things to be thankful for flutterby....just gorilla glue would not be tops on my list. It is smarter than I am.

  4. As always, thankful for you, dear Mindy...

    Alarm clocks, hot water, "No Crack" hand cream, gasoline that is 8 cents cheaper than it was yesterday, my beautiful office at St. Stoic.

    That's my morning so far.

  5. I came up with another one (gee I wonder why) toddler safety gates. And 29 month old grandbabies who carry on conversations like they are 5 years old, but still climb up and snuggle in your lap when they need.. the next thing I am glad for.. NAPS.

  6. thank you Lord for Mindy's thankful heart. She inspires me :)

  7. Ok we need some COWS now Mindy.. gimme cows and I will give you the dinosaurs.. I am on my way to put one up now.

  8. Great list. As always I'm thankful for: tea, my sister, plumbing that works and sunshine in winter.

  9. First time I've looked at your blog...followed it from the OTT swap thread. This is a beautiful post. Your gratitude is contagious.

  10. Sharpies. And refrigerator magnets, paperback books, and bookmarks.

  11. Writer784:35 PM

    Hardy Boys Casefiles "novels" that I used to read when I was 11 and that are now simply hysterical.


    Heat-up dinners that really do taste good.

    Land o' Lakes mint hot chocolate.

    The boss copying his boss on a project I did and telling me, "Kudos!"

    Sewing drawstring pouches!


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