Pre-Emptive Valentine's Day Strike

It is now 20 days until ~shudders~ VD. Yes folks, Valentines day is just right around the corner. The time of year where I have to shine up the ole Scarlet Letter A and pin it to my ample chest. The letter A referring to the word Alone. blah......

I have always liked Valentines in one way or another but, this year, I am already beginning to dread it. No real reason why but I do. I can sense that icky feeling just trying to creep on it.

Many of you will be dressing up and going out that night, receiving flowers and chocolates and I will be very happy for you. But there are others that will not be on the receiving end of such gifts. So my mind has been working..... working..... working on what I am 1) going to do to combat this feeling and 2) how am I going to choose to celebrate.

One of my ideas that I am kicking around is.....okay....put those diets cokes down so you do not cause snortage or spillage....ready????

You all know that I frequently place on my thankfulness list...clean panties. I have thought about World happenings the last few months and realized that some people just did not have the simple pleasure of clean underwear during those times. That is something that we take for granted people. I just go to the dresser and pull out a clean pair! TA DA! Something akin to magic. The only time that the magic is missing is when I have not done the laundry. I have never not had clean undies because the whole friggen house was gone or under water!!

So that is the idea that I am kicking around: The donation of new panties to your local crisis center or any other place that can use new panties for women in honor of Valentines Day.

What do you think?


  1. Well personally, I think it's lovely. Panties, or anything pampering that helps a woman feel normal and loved.

    BTW your previous entry (I was probation officer) made me laugh out loud. I can't wait to meet you someday to see if the voice I hear in my head bears any resemblance to your actual one when you tell such great stories.

  2. I heart you, Mindy.

  3. Mindy, that's an awesome suggestion. You are a very cool person. :-)

  4. She speaks very softly with a delicate melodious voice, tinged with her lovely Texas twang. (quit laughing.. you forgot to put your coke down didn't you.. now wipe off the screen)
    And I do not think you will end up alone this Valentines Day. And about that blog link I sent you.. if we don't say anything mean, would it be ok to post it here? It was so unreal, lol...

  5. I'm in! I'll buy some packages and take them to out food pantry on VD. I'll donate them in honor of you.

  6. No problem with posting that link either here or on yours. I just keep going back to read it and thinking *What the ????*

    And yes flutterby I am so soft spoken.


  7. *ears still ringing after hearing Mindy laugh in adjoining office*

    You are a real weirdo. But at least you use your weirdness for good and not evil. Ha ha!

  8. Ok it's in mine.. that way she won't track us both down and spray that nasty perfume all over us like mace and try and curl our lashes with her whatever the hell kind of curler it is, LOL. But if she finds me, you have to promise to get your boots out too and help me!!

  9. It's a cute idea :) Will you do it?

    And don't think of VD as slushy-mushy couples' day. Think of it as Single Women's Empowerment Day!

    nushy xx

  10. VD -- interesting choice of abreviations on such a Lovers' day.

    Personally, I think this holiday as with most holidays, was the brainchild of overstocked and underpreforming greeting card companies.

  11. jonboy....either put your panties in or hush.

    ~grins~ and you will look really silly with long hair.

  12. You should see him without hair gel - picture Conway Twitty as a red-head. Hee hee hee!

  13. wonderful. :) pampering the unfortunate women who really need it with something we so take for granted. I thought of little girls int he orphanages too - how they'd love beautiful fashionable undies :)


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