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This is the post that you have all been waiting for! I know you want to hear all about how we and Peggy and QG met up and laughed and had such a great time. Only, it did not get to happen. Life gets in the way like that some times and we were all disappointed. However, I know that, eventually, it will happen. I can report that QG has a wonderfully warm voice and I felt like we had talked many many times.

We had an awesome time in Austin. We ate our way through the city. Walked down Sixth street and was serenaded by a street musician. Freaked out 2 poor guys at a head shop who just knew we were Narcs and began trying to put things behind the counter. Were there when all sorts of police cars came screeching up and began pulling 2 men off of a bus....Later to learn that we had missed their bank robbery attempt by about 2 minutes. Found a store called the Central Market that is the closest thing to Trader Joes that I have ever come across and fell in love with Lindt Chocolate with almond cream and pistachios. Shopped Goodwill and came home with a suitcase weighing 48.5 lbs. Drank my first margarita. Oh! And I learned a lot in training too!

What was awesome to me is that I kept coming back to the fact that I was away in a city with two of my best friends. One night, we were sitting at the Outback and I was flooded with just that thought.....Two of my best friends. I tried to explain the bubbling up of love that I felt. Well, Rach don't do bubbling up of love but she understands....Though I think that she would prefer that I not bubble up in her presence. Then it hit me.....I have something that many many people never ever possess.....Several best friends. Women that get me and for different reasons. These women all fit a special need in my life and I am so blessed by their presence in so many ways. These are women that I would have never known if not for traveling the dark rocky path that I had to travel. The path that I hated and dreaded every step of the way opened into a beautiful road paved with diamonds.

One of the diamonds in my life is not shining so brightly this morning. My friend, Chevy pick-up as ya'll might know her, is going into surgery this morning. She fought breast cancer about 2 years ago in one of her breast. She ended up having 3 surgeries in less than 2 months because they kept finding more cancer. At a routine monogram in November, they found that the cancer had come back in the same breast. She told some of us. She chose not to tell the rest of her family or friends until after the holidays. She had decided that she was not going to put a heaviness on anyone and make for a dark Christmas. I belive that was a very selfless gift that she gave to those that she loves. After the holidays, she told everyone. Then she gave us a job. That job was to make her laugh and to keep laughing. She did not want anyone to cry and to cause her to lose her grip that she was clinging to to. So we have done just that. Laughed. I think that was the one dark spot in the Austin trip...we were not physically there to circle her and to protect her. There were others that did do just that. Instead, we called her and bought her chocolate.

The decision was made to remove both of her breast. The surgeon told her that she would rather save her life than her breast and my friend totally agreed. So today, she will go into surgery and come out weighing less. Today, I feel stale. I do not want to go to work. It will be an uneasy day for those of us left behind. If I feel this way, I cannot imagine how she must feel....What she must be going through.

She and I are both large busted. We have always teased about how we would just give them away to anyone that wanted them. I have always said that I have signed the back of my Texas driver's license so that I can be an organ donor and a breast donor. She told me that losing her breast was alright. She is not defined as a woman by her breast. Losing control about getting rid of them was the hard part. So today, me and the girls had a long talk and I told them how much I really do appreciate them.

And today, I will light a candle on my desk for my friend. The flame will remind me of her sparking presence that I am missing.


  1. I really regret that we didn't get to meet up. We will have to try again. Let's keep each other posted on our Texas travels.

    Your friend Chevy Pick-up is truly an awesome woman. She knows that laughter is the best medicine and I know from your blog that you are one of the best people to give it to her.

    I'll be praying for her today.

  2. You can add me to the list of people who will pray for Chevy Pick-up and those who love her.

    You're such a wonderful friend to her and to all of us who are lucky enough to know you.

  3. Fidget11:27 AM

    Love and hugs and prayers and a candle lit on my desk, too, for Chevy Pick-up - a lady I don't know but Mindy does. And that makes her A-ok in my book.

  4. Prayers from me too. You're a good friend, you know! She's lucky to have you in her corner.

  5. The Flutterby1:42 PM

    I am still not sure I got this.. maybe I read you wrong.. YOU DRANK A MARGARITA????? A real one?? with TEQUILA in it even???? Ok.. who are you and what have you done with my real Mindy.....

    Laughter has been said to be the best medicine..

  6. That made me cry Mom Gator. I love Easter Bunny (chevy pickup) and she has been in my prayers all day. I know God is going to bring her through this its just hard...the waiting part.

  7. And I always thought I would be the one to give you your first drink.

  8. I'm praying for Ms. Chevy too. Hang in there Mindy!

    ps: we have goooood margaritas in the Dallas area! hint hint!

  9. Your friend will be in my prayers as well. What a heavy load.

  10. I am praying for Chevy.
    Blessings to you, too, for your compassion.

  11. Thanks for not bubbling up on me. Tends to give me hives! ha ha!

    Also thanks to everyone for their prayers for Chevy. I know she appreciates it.

  12. Boo Hoo! I am so sad that we couldn't meet. It just wasn't a great week for me! I just haven't felt like myself lately! I am so glad y'all had a great time here in Austin! Sounds like you did the hip things here- gotta love Central Market! Sounds like you are so blessed with precious friendships! My prayers with your friend!

  13. Lord praying for Mindy's friend Chevy pick up - thank you that she has friends to make her laugh in an awful situation and help them carry her loss and her fear - yoked to You lord.

    and Mindy ((((Mindy)))) hugs to you from Tallinn.

    Hope we can talk when I get back. (in ten days or so)

  14. good thoughts going out to Chevy and hugs to Mindy - Chevy is blessed to have a friend like you

  15. Ok I am official now. Do I have to give you a first commentator award or something too?

  16. yes flutterby.....the first commenter on a new blog always gets a large cash bonus. ~grins~

  17. I am still waiting to hear about this margarita you claim you drank.


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