Mindy's To-Do List

Okay, here it is. I have been working on my to-do list and many of you have told me that you are doing the same. I have picked 12 things to get done in the next 12 months. Some may seem silly to ya'll but they are things I need or want to get done. However, if I do not list them...They will always be....The things that I need or want to get done. Others left there's in my comments. I think everyone has some really good list. The word *Resolution* is now banned from this blog and will not be used again!

I have decided to begin to work on my to-do list and have it finished by December 31, 2006. On the last day of each month, I will post my list again and will update my progress. That means that I will have some accountability with my list. ~Takes a deep breath~ The order has no rhyme or reason.......

1. Meet at least 3 in real life bloggers that I do not already know. Okay, I have started working on this with yesterdays post. So far, there is no one close to Austin that we actually blog with. I was afraid of that but I will keep working on it.

2. Develope a better prayer life and attend both Sunday School and Church on Sunday's. Most people like to sleep in and then attend Church. I love Sunday School and do not find it hard to attend. I even attend Sunday night services. However, Church is different. I love Church but sometimes it is hard to go in and sit among all of those 2 parent families. I do not always attend but I listen to the service on the radio once I leave. Very weird HUH???I know it is. I usually sit in the balcony. But today, I attended both Sunday School and Church.

3. Make at least $75.00 a month on Ebay.

4. Go to the dentist. It has been years since I have been to the dentist. Remember, single parent income and no dental insurance. Well, now we have dental insurance so I have no excuses.

5. Make a t-shirt quilt with my new sewing machine. First I will have to learn how but I happened to notice one on a blog......

6. Get fitted by a professional bra fitter. I have a love hate relationship with my chest. Even with my losing weight...my damned cup size went up!! I just sat in the dressing room and cried. Not pretty.....a 43 year old chunky woman sitting in a dressing room at JC Penny's wearing a bra and crying.

7. Get more disciplined at yoga and practice at least 5 times a week.

8. Go camping in the mountains....for real mountains.

9. Create a piece of art.

10. Have our family portrait (Baby Gator, Bebo and I) done in black and white with us wearing black shirts.

11. Get a better more reliable vehicle. I am working on this one....ya'll are still praying right??

12. Become a better steward of my money by being more frugal and recycling more. I would like to put money back into savings so that I can look at putting a down payment on a home in 2007. ~grins~ then I could have a cat!

Okay I am done. I think I can accomplish all of this with everyones help. Here we go!

So, did you get your list done??


  1. This is terrific!

    I would be pleased as punch to help you with #1; #6, not so much.

    Really. It's lovely up here on the tundra in the spring. Both days of it.

  2. Um...you said one for everyone month right? What happened to month 11 and 12? Are you not going to participate in those months this year? I am still working on my list. I'll get back to you.

  3. I like the idea of a to-do list instead of a resolution list. Might give it a try myself.

    Look forward to tracking your progress.

  4. I can help with #1. Don't you and Rach go to a conference in Galveston annually? Let me know when that is this year and I'll do my best to drive over to meet you two. Galveston will never be the same!
    As far as Austin--I'm there from time to time visiting Portia and Babs who are still in graduate school there. So that's another possibility.

  5. oh this is terrific

    erm #1 I want to do this real bad - but our economy is dire right now. But if God says Yes I'm on the plane ok :)

    liked the bra thing -not sure we have those here in Finland and I'd be really intimidated. I never undrstand the sizes anyway. But when I lost weight last year - my chest grew too.
    (hubby didn't seem to mind)

    now I have to work on the stomach again - after Christmas. It's the late night snacks. No more !!!

    I like this to do list- much better than what I wrote yesterday for you. scrap that

    I'll do a new one. Is tomorrow ok?

    hugs and I felt for you about the church thing. I feel that too sometimes. Hubby isn't a believer and so I often sit alone. It's ok - but I long for him by myside. I love it when the kids come with me and they enjoyed it at Chrstmas :)

  6. Ok Mom I am almost done with my list.

  7. Aaaacccckkkk..."to do lists"! Even that is too much pressure right now for me! I have been slowly thinking along these lines. Yours is a very good list.

    Hey, if you come to Houston or Galveston, I would do my darndest to go meet you...though my family would think I am nuts. I could help you with the quilting thing. I used to do a lot of quilting.

    Yoga sounds like fun (and relaxing?). I was looking at a tape the other day (one for older women, hee hee). It is a shame that just buying the exercise tape does you no good at all. Otherwise, I might be slim!

  8. Did mine! Go see it.

  9. An excellent list. My list has 12 things as well, but I hadn't thought about it as 12 months....excellent catch.

  10. Six things I want to have done by the end of 2006

    No special order

    1. phone Mindy (at the very least, but actually get over my phone phobia)
    2. preach in Swedish
    3. write my thesis on the Eucharist (MY own set deadline is August)
    4. meet my friend Alice in Canada, (and other bloggers there too)
    5. learn to reverse with the trailer
    6. observe the sabbath in a special way every Saturday!

    I couldn't come up with another six - these will stretch me enough. But other things I'd like to get a grip on are my general fitness and stamina, my addiction to crisps (chips), to become more forgiving, Bible reading plan etc They still stand but this was a much better way of setting goals that I might manage with the grace of God, and friends like you enocouraging me !

    hugs and blessings

  11. Ahem, Lorna, if you come to Canada, turn left and come see me! I'm not that far, really.

  12. Wow! You're going to be busy!

  13. I would LOOOOVE to meet you IRL! Wouldn't that be great! We are pretty close, right? ...

    Hmm. Just checked it. 6 hrs. is not too far, in Texas terms, but not real close either.

    Sometimes I drive to San Angelo to see my sister & parents who lives there. But that's not very close, either. Darnit! why don't we live in Connecticut or someplace small? (cause then we wouldn't have those cows everywhere...)

    I bet sometime you will need to come through DFW for something. Even for an airport layover. I'd love to drive down and meet you for a coffee at the airport! if nothing else.

    Oh, a question: what are you going to sell on Ebay? Stuff you craft? Random stuff from the house? Fiberglas cows? See, I might need to buy something from you! :) Send me the name of your store if you have one.

    And PS: good for you with the dentist! I am a dentist fanatic, I make my family & friends go twice a year BECAUSE WE PAY FOR IT and by golly our teeth deserve it! My DH doesn't get it....He wasn't raised that way (they were really poor). Of course, his daddy had to have all his teeth pulled out when he was 63......so.....you see my point?

  14. Just an old someone9:08 AM

    Mindy.. I have huge mountains right out the front and side of my house. Lots of places to camp... (now you know for sure I was here...)

  15. You have a great list. I considered the bra fitting thing too. I need something :)

    I think you can do it--and I hope so on the car thing too!

  16. I would love to have a blogger meet-up...let's see what we can do!

  17. I'll help you with the yoga thing if you help me. I rolled out the mat this morning and did some sun salutations...

  18. I'm just jealous at all these potential meets

    I MIGHT be in Toronto in late May - suggest you all head NORTH and come there

    otherwise it's 2007 :(

    and a meet in Texas!

    Sounds good to me :)

  19. Called. I could hear yrou voice but you couldn't hear mine. Then I tried several times but immediately I got connected it disconnected.

    grr am I frustrated and is my phone phobia high!!!


    will talk one of these days. I logged a complaint about the link

  20. DOG

    not cat

  21. Don't think small bebo - go for both!


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