Pantypalozza 2006!!

Okay, it is official! Pantypalozza 2006 is what our little project will be called. I will kick it off on February 1st. Thank you all for the wonderful response.

Now, for another matter. I am in the mood to send Valentines out. If you want one, you need to email me your address.


I have many of your addresses already but it is easier for me if you email them to me again. That way I can keep up with who all I have sent out to. Plus, I am wanting email today. ~grins~

This deal is also open to new readers and to lurkers! Just email me.


  1. OK, just keep us posted on the 'palooza!

  2. I think it is a great idea, and a fine name for the project!

  3. Pantypalooza -- what a cool idea! I'm in!


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