WISP---Works in Slow Progress

A few months ago, I found this wonderful blog written by a very talented woman from Australia. Her blog is called Abeautifulcraft. She is holding a WISP along. WISP stands for works in slow progress. (She also post pics of kangaroos that wander up on her patio and I think that is just so cool!!) Not only should I have already started on my many unfinished works...I should have posted this blog entry back in December or January! We were all supposed to start this in January but, you know me, behind as always!! I am wanting to get several of my half finshed projects done and a lot of projects that I have promised but not gotten around to doing.

These are pictures of my sewing machine (notice the stuff on the floor), my dining room table that is doubling as a craft table right now (again, stuff also on the floor) and a cart that is holding SOME of my fabric stash!!

I have promised my mom that I would make her a tree skirt for her Christmas tree for two years now. I have skull earrings and a book thong half finished for Rachel. I have a Christmas latch hook rug that is 3/4 finished and I started it back in 2002. I have patterns...PATTERNS that I have bought thinking...I am going to make that...but have not. A wonderful person from a blog sent me a stuffed pup that she made that I had admired. For 1 1/2 years I have intended to make something to mail to her but I have not gotten around to it!! I made my mom a little tote at Christmas and just have to put on fabric flowers. Would not take me 30 minutes but I still have not gotten it done!! I have several aprons and a purse cut out but have never sewn them up...I cut them out over 6 months ago! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

So, now I will start. I am pulling out all my unfinished projects and ideas and I am getting busy on them! I am going to try to update them on this blog at least 2 times a month so that you can all see my progress.

And tomorrow, Loves2experiment and I are doing a tote-a-long. We are both going to start sewing on tote bags between 1-2 tomorrow (Saturday). We will be posting updates on our steps as we go along so it should be really fun! I am going to try to get 2 bags done.

The bag I am doing is going to be for me! I have yet to make myself a tote, purse or an apron!


  1. I'll look forward to reading about you completing your various projects.
    I really need to get to work on clearing out my space so I can do something. Maybe you will inspire me to action Mindy!

  2. Mindy,

    What brand and model sewing machine do you have and do you love it? Mine died last year. It was a cheapie Singer that I won in a contest. I want to get a new one, but am asea in the store. I'm a moderately experienced seamstress (I can make a man's shirt, and like to machine quilt).


  3. Cool, Mindy! I'm working on some stuff too...but I don't have the courage to post about them until I'm done.

  4. I just had to go look at those kangaroo pictures. How amazing is that? You know people in the Hill Country have deer coming up into their yards all the time; I suppose in Australia having a kangaroo come up onto your porch is no more unusual than that.

    I wish I could do crafty things. I can cook creatively, though! We are having Mexican crockpot turkey tonight; I wish you could come have some.


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