I Will Have a Large Order Of Scattered...Super Sized Please

Lawsy....scattered is exactly what I am right now. I am a big believer in postive self statements. When I screw up I always say, *It's alright...I will start again tomorrow.* Now that sounds good doesn't it. It acknowledges that there was some sort of a short coming and I will suck it up and prepare for a new day and start again.

My problem is...I use that statement every day. It has become an excuse and not a positive self statement. That, in turn, has caused piles of chaos in different places of my life. I have a pile here and a pile over there. They started as small innocent looking piles. Then I began to move the piles around when they were in my way. Then the piles began to breed. For reals. I think that they move around at night. They also may have eaten the rent check that I have lost.

I am tired of moving my piles around and I am cleaning house. No more waiting until tomorrow...I am tackling things now. I have started with some of the smaller piles and am making some head way on it.

I wish someone would invent *Pile B' Gone*. They would make a fortune.

And now for some blog bits and pieces and things running around in my head....

**I have started tackling my craft piles. I love to craft and....to be really honest with you, that and Lexapro is what keeps me sane. I am getting everything organized and am already feeling better about it all.

**We got up Saturday and went to Clarendon. Before we left, I was in the mood to make bread. I got up and made up two batches of bread dough and popped them into my bread container with the lid and loaded them up in the back of the CRV. The bread had risen and was ready to cook by the time we got to Clarendon. The CRV smelled so very good and yeasty!!

**I am starting RL Fat Club this coming Monday night. I am tired of being fat and I do not have the discipline to do it on my own. I need the accountabilty of going and weighing in each week. So...fat club, here I come.

**I have worn sandals all week long. If I cannot have snow then DAMMIT! Bring on Spring!!

**See the MyBlogLog over there??? Go and sign up under it. I stole it from Rach so go and sign up on hers too!

**I am catching up on blogs so...please forgive me if I have not comment in a while!

**You know those Valentine's that I was sending out to everyone. Yeah well, it did not happen. I worked on them and I have witnesses to tell you I worked on them but I never could get them to look like I wanted. So....you got no mail. I do have my list and I will be sending out cards through out the next few months in place of the Valentines. Ya know, not one of you asked me why you had not gotten yours.....how polite of ya'll!

**And my partner's Valentine!! I bet she loves it! AS soon as she GETS it! Yep, in one of those piles I was talking about...I found her box that I had never mailed. How HORRIBLE IS THAT FOR THE SWAP ORGANIZER??? Even worse, I had hers all ready to go LONG before Valentines!

**I changed back to a regular blogger template. I loved the pink template but it was way smarter than me! Every time I tried to add a post or a pic, it got all kattywonkered. So now, I have reverted back so that I can handle it all on my own. Problem is, it will not let me update so that I can put my tags on the side. GGGGRRRRRRRR to you blogger! Curses! I will keep working at it until I figure it out.

**Oh for crying out loud! Bury her in the Bahamas already!

**The chicken friend steak meal from KFC on Tuesday night for $1.99 is not half bad...but for those of you who are not from the South...It is faux chicken fried steak. Do not be fooled!

**I have been in the mood to make granola. I have made up two different batches and shared it around the office. Anyone else make granola? Wanna share your recipe?

**One of my defendant's told me that I am the reason he used cocaine. What???

**At least I have not shaved my head....



  1. I'm going to be really impressed if you shave your head.

  2. Great to hear from you, Mindy! You had me chuckling with your last zingers. You have a great wit!

  3. I'll have a double order of *Pile B'Gone* over here, please.

    It's nice to see you back, Mindy.

  4. Wow - you got a lot going on there sister. *whew* One pile at a time, and quit flogging yourself! Grace and more grace to you today and always dear one.

  5. Pile-B-Gone? We have one... it's called a pooper scooper. Cleans up the back yard really well, LOL.
    (Actually the one we have is called the "Scoop and Sack It". My kids use it because it was invented by a 10 year old kid) Okok. I know... not gonna help. But a pile-a-shit is still a pile-a-shit. No matter what yard it's in.

  6. And what's with all the blue on your main page? It's hard to read half your stuff!!!!! ok Bitch bitch bitch. You know it's my place in life, lol.

  7. My goodness, you sure are hyped up in your scatteredness!

    I need to do something too about the, uh, fat.

    I could use some Pile B' Gone too--industrial strength.

    There is a lot of blue on the bottom part of this page that makes it hard for us oldsters to read.

  8. Thanks for brightening my day. Even scattered, you are still a blessing. I enjoy reading your bits and pieces of reality that most of us hide from the world.

  9. Granola recipe (direct from M.R., cook extraordinairre in Bethlehem South Dakota more than 30 years ago!)

    2-1/2 lbs rolled oats (NOT quick oats)
    2 C. unsweetened or fresh grated coconut
    1 C. honey
    1 C. cold pressed safflower oil (if they still make it)
    1 C. wheat germ
    1 C. sesame seeds
    2 C. raisons (or any combo of dried fruit)
    1 Tblsp. salt
    1 C. chopped nuts

    Mix in a ginormous pot: oats, salt, sesame seeds, wheat germ, coconut and nuts. Set aside. Heat honey and oil together until thin and runny. Pour over dry stuff and mix with spoon. When thoroughly blended, let soak one hour. Then, spread very thinly on cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees (no hotter, no kidding) until dark brown, approx. 20 minutes. Pour into a large paper sack and sprinkle dried fruit over top. Alternate layers of granola and fruit as each batch is finished. When cool, store in bags in a cool place (if there's any left). Best granola I've ever eaten and I'm a graduate of the 70's!

    (really glad you're back. And for piles.....Preparation H of course!)

  10. way hey

    did you get an envelope from me? I did post it before Feb 14th - but not much before as yeah I am in a need of a pile B, C and D remover.

    We had a party for Tottis last night (she moves out tomorrow - new job on Monday in Helsinki - oh I'll miss her!) but the good news was I found my tax card in the process of a frantic clean round. Hopefully I can still find it on Monday when I go to work!

    hugs and heaps of love and blessings

    I'm working on the fat too. I skiied 6 hours a day last week (5 days) and ate skimpily. Result - no weight loss but my trousers at least are less tight around the waist.

  11. tho, if you're like me you've been tempted to shave your head a few times!!
    And really. I bet a lot of people with Piles would really love a Pile B gone! Preperation H might make something like that! hahaaa
    oh gross. sorry.

    anyway. um. ya. bury the poor girl SOMEWHERE - she needs to rest.

    I do make granola but I loosely follow the recipe in More with Less cookbook, and it comes out differently every time. I've found that one liquid that's great to add is Apple Juice, if you're doing a cinnamon variety. I LOVE home made granola. I have been meaning to make a batch for some time now. But alas, I believe I may be as scattered as you say you are.

  12. (((Mindy)))

    Grrr...Blogger ate my first comment.

    Glad to hear from you!

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