Happy Valentines Day/Freaken Single Awareness Day

From my place on the blog to yours....

I hope this is a special day for each and everyone of you. BTW....you are all stuck with being my Valentine since I am single.

And now...without further adieu....


I will be delivering mine and Rach's palooza a little later in the morning to the Crisis Center. This is how part of it looks....could not get it all in the pic (sorry!) I was also lucky enough to find out how many woman are in the Safe House right now and they will each be getting a box of chocolates.

And for my favorite little Sonic carhop...

One of these days...I will tell you her story.

And feel free to leave me a comment with your pantipalooza contribution!


  1. I bought six packages of 7 panties each in the largest sizes I could find and in the prettiest colors and prints. I'm delivering them today to a local charity that provides clothing and food for needy families in the area.

    Happy Valentines Day, Mindy! This donation is in your honor!

  2. terrific Mindy

    and thanks for the valentine swap too :) you are one amazing lady,you know that don't you?

    When I visit the first stop is sonic and on me :)

  3. Oh Lorna...I am so taking you up on that!!

  4. 7 cases of diapers delivered today to Hope House, courtesy of me, and in honor of my dear friend, MINDY,
    Princess of the Panties!

  5. Oh YT...just think of all the tiny baby bottoms that are going to be happy all because of you!!

  6. C. Wright1:43 PM

    I too took large size panties to our local Family Peace Project, they liked your idea very much. You know I am one of your most loyal lurkers.

  7. Oh c wright...I do miss you. And I love knowing that you lurk.

    Were you the one that sent me the link for the fabric birds?

  8. You are my hero.

    I love the bejeezuz out of you.

  9. Don't let her fool ya - all I contributed to that truck load of goodies was a few pairs of socks. Mindy did all the work and gets ALL the credit.

    You rock!

  10. I took several packages of panties, all different sizes including some little girls' panties, and a big box of diapers, along with a few toiletries, to the office of our local women's center. The staff member with whom I left them seemed very appreciative. I pray that today some exhausted women with a lot on their minds were happy to receive them. Such a little, simple thing to make such a difference.

    I love that you found out how many women were at the house and got them each a box of candy. That was awesome.

    Thank you so much for coming up with such a great idea!

    (P.S. I'm glad you liked the fudge...)

  11. I'm not dolled49591, I'm Zorra. Obviously I've messed up with new Blogger...

  12. Hope you had a fabulous Singles Awareness Day! hehe (I take it my package didn't make it in time either. Sorry about that.)

  13. hope it was a good day!

  14. Just wanted you to know that our ladies study group delivered a panty palooza box to our local women's shelter in Anchorage, Alaska. We had a great time getting it together and are already making plans to get more women involved to make it bigger and better next year.


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