Show Me Your Panties!!

Britney Spears is still beating me in google searches for *panties* Go figure!

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Tomorrow is the day for the Second Annual Pantipalooza! Remember, this does not have to be a big expensive thing. Just pick and agency or a woman in your life that you want to do something for and do it. It can be a card sent to a teacher from way back there in school, a gift card for the local Sonic carhop, panties for the different woman's agencies, diapers for the day care *YT's little panties!!* just what ever! The deal is....JUST DO IT!

Bebe and I had a wonderful day Sunday. He won Lady Raider Basketball tickets from a Lubbock radio station. His basketball team was playing in Lubbock Friday night so we went by the station to pick up Sundays tickets. While there, the lady told him that someone had not picked up their Sunday night hockey tickets and the station was about to close...did he want them? Heck yes he did!

My year has been filled with sports. I...the most unathletic person in the entire USA. First it was our Super Bowl Party. Then, Bebo's basketball games. Now, college basketball and hockey. Although I must admit, I am a hockey fanatic. So, Sunday was sports filled.

Bebo at Basketball:

At basketball, people tend to shout, *Ref, watch that girl! She is fouling! Call a clean game!!*

OH! I also saw Orville Redenbacher. At the game! Babygator is always calling me and telling me how she has seen famous people like Willie Nelson and the Cavemen from the Geico commercials. I got a pic of Mr. Redenbacher but it is not great. I was afraid to get any closer to get a better shot because I am sure that the man likes his privacy.

Bebo at hockey:

At hockey, people tend to shout, *Hit him again! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Show us blood!*

Just a wee bit of cultural difference.

And tonight, the sport theme continues. We have a play off game. This will be our third time to play this team. We are pretty evenly matched with this team. Last Friday nights game was AWFUL. I refuse to allow Bebo to say rude things about Referees and how they call games. Friday night, I had to eat those words. I have never seen anything like it. Our problem was not with the other team but with one referee. Even the OTHER teams coach began to question the calls that were being called on us. We even received 2 technicals.

Did I happen to mention that Bebo attends a Christian School??

*laffin* I would rather we play a public school any day. They are always nicer. Isn't that sad?


  1. Bebo's hair is so cool! I'm always jealous of the curls!

    (Thanks for delivering my valentine socks along with your stuff for the palooza.)

  2. Used to love live basketball games, when there was time in my life.

    Thought Orville had died a few years back. If so, he is apparently an avid basketball fan.

    Bebo is so well behaved and reserved at the hockey game. I'm with Spooky...nice curls.

  3. PG...I believe that Orville faked his death much like Elvis did.

    And there was no action when I took that pic. There are plenty of action shots but they were blurry cause he was jumping around so much.

  4. Okay, I gotta stand up for my fellow Purdue grad.

    Orville died in 1995. The guy you saw is a poser hired by the ad company.

    Plus, I think the fake Orville looks creepy!

  5. I think you are wrong Miss Cheese. I have to agree...the new guy in the ad is creepy and reminds me of the Burger King dude.

    The guy at the b-ball game was just a sweet old man and I am standing firm on it was Orville.

  6. Glad y'all had fun!

    I bought a bunch of panties today--and diapers too!

  7. I once saw a spoof headline:
    Elvis kidnaps Oprah on UFO for Diet Secrets.

    Perhaps Oprah is looking for Orville for the Popcorn and he's hiding out at the B-Ball game?

    Got my swap. Fun and Yum!

  8. thanks for organising the swap I got a fabulously encouraging card from Rev Songbird and a neat heart shaped purse!!!

    oh and more importantly HAPPY FRIENDS' DAY MINDY


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