Only 30 Minutes Late

*spits* Between dial up internet, a freezing computer, and everyone who did not call me during LOST calling....I am already behind!!

I cut out my pattern on a piece of grocery sack. It is 20 inches across and 13 inches tall. I also cut out 3 inch notices to make the bottom of my bag.

I have cut out 4 pieces of fabric and 2 of iron on interfacing. I have ironed the interfacing onto 2 pieces of the fabric. I have also made one pocket so far for the inside of the bag. I will also be adding a cell phone pocket next to the pcokets shown. I may add a pocket to the other side.

Okay, off to make straps and start sewing. See you around 3:30!!


  1. Looking good, M :D I just finished cutting the pieces and I'm about to iron and sew! Wish me luck!


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