Buttons...We Have Buttons!!

Look what Reverend Mommy made for me!! I just love these buttons! So fun!

We have a button for pantipalooza!! In two sizes! Please feel free to take one and put it on your blog!

And, I am happy with everyone that has left me comments about participating so far! Who else will jump in with us next??

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  1. This is SO COOL! I LOVE the "O's" in palooza, LOL. So creative! I have been stashing dollar store spa goodies for awhile now and have enough to make up about ten good baskets. They will be liberally sprinkled with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.
    I HATE THIS FREAKING WORD VERIFICATION! I KNOW how to read and I triple check I got the right letters and most of the time it STILL MAKES ME DO IT AGAIN.

  2. I like you a lot too! Hugs back!

    (I tried to post this on my blog but blogger isn't cooperating--rare for me).

    And you are the pantipalooza woman, how awesome--I saw that somewhere else but didn't know you then. I worked with an ecumenical outreach to sex workers and other women who were struggling with addiction, poverty or various other injustices and challenges. We fed them on Friday night and had tables of stuff out, and while they occasionally took the condoms (especially the flavored ones they had requested as an alternative to health dept. standard) what really flew out the door was underwear and toiletries. Connecting to you has inspired me to follow through on finding somewhere to participate now we live in southern Cal, which I was feeling too stressed and busy (hence guilty) to do.


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