What DOES One Buy When Money Must Be Falling Out Of Their Butt?

No really...tell me cause I would love to know. And just how does one get money to do that?

Bebo is home from visiting my ex. He got an Ipod. ~sighs~ Now I will have to work that much harder to win one of my own. He is loving it and I am happy for it but I am already tired of having to buy songs to download. You would have thought a gift card might have come with that nifty new gadget.

Bebo has not been there since Christmas so he had a really good time. Bebo is never really sure as to what house he will be going to once he gets there because they move...ALOT. They have been at this home now for about 9 months. They have not sold the last home yet which included a roping arena but it is for sale if any of ya'll are interested. In the last 13 years, they have moved 10 times that I am aware of. We are not talking into trailers...they buy a house and then move out of it. They also get her a new vehicle each year and him a new vehicle each year. Last years vehicle had a DVD player in the back. ~grins~ And I worried that netflix might blow my budget.

It seems as though my ex had some sort of surgery a few weeks before Bebo's arrival. Bebo was told that they went into his stomach 5 different places.....and can tell you how much it acutally cost. Now, he was not shown the scars but the ex's wife showed Bebo the BILL! Now this is from a woman that rarely speaks to Bebo on any of his trips to that home. The bill was for $18,000.00. Also, while she was at it, she showed him an estimate of the pool that they are having built in their backyard....$20,000.00.

My conversation with Bebo:

Me: So do you think he is feeling better after his surgery?

Bebo: I think so....he has lost a lot of weight. Everything he eats makes him throw up.

Me: How do you know that?

Him: Cause those chicken nuggets he had on the ride home kept us stopping every few miles.

Me: Did he tell you why he had to have surgery?

Him: eeerrrmmm....yes...it was because of his uterus.

Me: *blink blink* His Uterus??

Him: Yep

Me: eeerrrmmmmmm Bebo remember....guys don't have a uterus...only girls.

Him: Oh...it was something like that.

Me: An ulcer?

Him: YEAH! That was it.

Later, after I thought about it.....I decided that maybe he had gone and bought a uterus. I mean really, what does the man who has everything buy??


  1. This is ART!

    *howls with laughter and bangs head on the desk*

  2. ~spewing diet coke out of nose~

    OMIGOD! Too Funny! Mindy, you are a mess, girl. What a fine sense of humor.

  3. This is hilarious! Maybe the ex will want a matching set of ovaries too :)

  4. Wait wait wait...Bebo said the pool was cotsin $23,000. What is the nicest word I can come up with for them....Mr. and Mrs. Prick?, yes that should do.

  5. Oh wait doesn't that mean he's just had a hysterectomy???

  6. Oh, Mindy. Wait a minute while I wipe the tears away. LOL!

  7. ROFL :)

    loved this. Three cheers for Bebo :)

  8. HOWLING behind the office door! HOWLING, I tell you!

  9. This is ---"wait, set the wine glass down, take off the glasses, wipe the tears away, wipe some more, compose myself, now write something" funny!


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