Boy Cows

When I was in County Court a few days ago, I asked our County Judge where his cow had gone. The Judge is a University of Texas fan and his cow is on the Courthouse lawn. He is a white cow with numerous orange States of Texas all over it. The Judge quickly informed me that his *cow* was not a was a steer. The steer and a few other cows go each summer to Palo Duro canyon and grace the entrance to the play *Texas*.

This steer is the meanest in the whole lot. He is so mean that they keep him behind a chain length fence with barbed wire at the top! He is the Texaco steer and his eyes really are red...that is not my camera. The insides of his nostrils are also red.

He used to be out on the Interstate until they closed the Texaco. I believe that is a cover-up. I believe he killed a man from Reno that had just stopped to get gas and they had to lock him up.

I made no sudden moves while trying to get a pic of this cow for you my loyal readers. I also did not poke my fingers through the fence to try to touch him. He stood still for me but I knew he would not have alot of patience so I got the job done quickly...thanked him...and then got the hell out of there.

I also did not make the mistake of calling him a cow.


  1. No siree bob. Not a cow. Not a cow at all.

  2. Yet. He looks a bit fiesty.

  3. You people are pretty darn serious about your cows...erm, steers out there!

  4. That thing looks like he's ready to race.....All he needs is a number and a helmet.

  5. Maybe his nostrils aren't really red, maybe he just has allergies! He should get some Flonas or something!

  6. If I had been there to do my heifer moo-cow impression, he would have been putty in your hands, Mindy.

  7. Mindy you're a freakin' TEXAN for PETE'S SAKE. You should know the difference between a COW, a STEER, and a BULL before you even learn to WALK!! I am going to go post a pic of myself and my grandpa on my blog just for you.. so you know how to introduce your Texas babies to CATTLE at an early age. And yes, that really is me and my grandpa, lol.

  8. laffin as you'd say

    be blessed :)


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