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EVERYONE is a winner in the cow contest!!! All of your request for prizes will be worked on and sent out in the next few weeks. I might post a pic of what each of you has one when I get ready to send it out if that is alright. I am having a mental block with Rach's skull book thong and I know she will be glad when I get that done!

**Note to Sue.....did you notice that there was NOT ONE STICK COW IN THE BUNCH! See, yours would have been totally unique and you too would have won something.

Moral to that have to play if you want to win!!

**I think I am the only person in the world (well, I was until you read this and then YOU TOO said it) to say.....testicular value today.

**I am now the proud owner of a new washer and dryer. The old ones went to live at Baby Gator's house. The new ones will be at my home later today. I really wanted one of those new fangled ones cause they just look so awesome. However, when the salesman points out that it would take a hell of a lot of years to earn back your money on them....THE SALESMAN SAID THAT....then you realize that a household of two people (and only one for the next 6-8 weeks) really does not need all of those bells and whistles. I mean, who really has to watch their clothes wash and dry? Still, if I win a set (and I do try to!!) then I would not give them back! Then Baby Gator could get the newest old set.

**I saved all the extra money that I made while teaching and bought my washer and dryer outright!! I swear and had a little money left over! Can we say pedicure reward??

**Conversation this AM: But I think any man that was thinking about growing breast would really need to get some counseling. I think it is a good idea that you go.

**Won the Pack It Up part of this sweepstakes from Oprah and THERE WERE SHARPIES IN IT!! (I am thinking that Oprah put those in just for me ~grins~)

**I am loving Netflix. *Pieces Of April* is a must see. Read *Memoirs of a Geisha* but do not bother with the movie.

**I am loving wearing my sandles and going barefooted again. I love going barefooted.

**I hate the politics that surrounds my job at times.

**Bebo has gone to spend the summer with his grandparents. He has now been gone 1 week and 2 days. My mom said that we were not getting together last weekend. I had 3 whole days to myself!! OMG....I cannot begin to tell you how that feels. I piddle with my crafts, cleaned my closet, got stuff put on ebay, watched movies ,worked in my little backyard and took naps each day. Now, she says that we are not getting together this weekend....hhhmmm......then my plans are to clean out my storage unit, get more stuff put onto ebay, make some ATC's, make another birthday card, start cleaning out Bebo's room (ssssssshhhhhh.....he does not know!!) and NAP!

**Bebo's room *big rolling of the eyes here* is, how shall I say this?...hhhmmmm.....not up to my standards!?!?!?! I am all for being a free spirit and I think I have guided my children in a way that they are free thinkers but I am drawing the line at 6 empty rootbeer bottles and numerous pairs of dirty manties under the bed. His idea of clean and mine and totally opposite. If he was here, he would fight me on this and say with alot of dramatics ( I do not know where he gets a flair for drama) I will DO IT. But he is not here and I am and I am going to do it. And he will be totally pleased with it when he returns home.

**I have one little stray hair that grows on my chin. I never see it until it is like 3 inches long. It is like invisible until it is springing wildly from my chin and I am amazed that people do not point and laugh. Why do I tell you this? Because I just now saw it when I was putting lipstick on. I SWEAR it was not there at 7am when I was putting my makeup on.

**If you get an incomplete in Bible, does that mean you are going to hell?


  1. Well, its about darn time we get to see something new here. I thought maybe you'd died and been replaced by a non-blogging clone. Or something.

    I reeeaaaalllllyyyyy need the skull-infested bookthong. You could just put tape over their cut little faces until you finished it. Maybe that would help!

  2. An incomplete in Bible just means you have to spend eternity in the same corner of hell that is reserved for televangelists and Bob Saget.

  3. I love Netflix, too.
    Now why can't I remember to mail the movies back?

  4. The Bible class story is a story unto itself and involved Bebo. He loves America's Funniest Home Videos *gags* so hell with Bob Saget would not be a bad thing to him.

  5. MANTIES?!?!?!?!?! Oh man I gotta remember that......Testicular value? Is that anything like the goat factor? A mn wanting to grow breastes? UUuuuhhhhhh......That boy just ain't right. (Nope, I wouldn't make a good counselor). As far as the incomplete in Bible class, I have heard a few in the last couple of weeks that would go along with that....."I don't see any point in studying for tests" was one of my favorites.

  6. An incomplete in Bible is perfect preparation for being a televangelist. Start growing your eyelashes.

  7. I am glad to see you back here, though my head is spinning trying to follow all the stuff!

    Just how does one measure testicular value?

    Congrats on the new washer and dryer. Of all my appliances, I think I love my washer and dryer best.

    Good luck on all that cleaning and moving about and enjoying yourself!

    Darn chin hairs! Why did God do that to us anyway? :)

  8. The Hair. It must be one of those curse things. I have one too along my jawline and I never see it until it's at least an inch+ long.
    I am glad you blogged today; I needed a few giggles. I put your number in my cell. Thought it was already there then remembered I have changed phones since the last time I had your number. I am already stressing about the plane. A handful of Tums hasn't helped; and I still have to work tomorrow before I go to the airport. You are gonna be talking me through it until they pry the phone from my hands on takeoff.

  9. pppssssttt...that is what friends are for problem.

  10. Welcome back. I've missed you. Sounds as if you were really busy. Anyway, I'm glad you're blogging again. I've missed the cows on Friday!

  11. Did my brother get an incomplete in Bible Class? This makes me worry! And are you for real if you win a new washer and dryer set then I get your old new set?

  12. ah the curse of a sudden hair- I have that problem!!! pesky things

  13. Chin hair - yup. Drives me bonkers. Just the one. For now.

    GREAT NEWS on the washer dryer! I adore mine, too. I love to do laundry...folding is OK...putting away is a pain in the prat.

    Ah well, into each life some putting away must fall. :)

  14. testicular value.... well, this afternoon my husband said it was bad weather for the festival downtown and I thought he said Testicle Downtown! BAAAAHHH!!!!!


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