I would use alot of bullets here if I knew how......

so I will use spider dots insteads!

**YEA!! Stella went home! Bitchiness is just not funny.

**I was accused of wearing Partridge Family pants to work yesterday.

**I think Rachel and I need to form a religion so that we can have our own general assembly so that we are back in the loop.

**I need a Bath and Body Works fix.

**I have been off my diet for about 1 1/2 weeks. I can feel it too. I am really slow and sluggish and generally feel out of sorts. Starting it seriously again today. In the diet, I have been eatting totally vegen. It sure does work but I need recipes! Someone please point me in the right direction. I am also staying away from high starch veggies. I am also not eatting flour so...no pasta.

**I was told that I get a free tattoo just as soon as the guy gets off of probation.

**One of my girls is into crystal healing. She asked at the last office visit if she could give me something. I told her that we are not allowed to accept gifts and she said that she totally understood. She said that she had wantedto give me a crystal to *heal* my office space. She went into great detail as to how you need to clean your crystal and how to take care of it. She thinks that all the other people that come into see me give off bad vibes that attach themselves to the things in my office (I wonder what vibes she thinks that she gives off?). Well, after her last office visit, I realized that she had left a small *crystal* under the little flying pig that I have on my desk. She had put it there because I could not see it from my side. I took the *crystal* to show Rach and she just busted out laughing. Why you ask? Because it was a rock from one of those *bag o' rocks* you can buy at Wal-Mart to landscape with. ~laffin~ Now I am just finding *crystals* everywhere!

**I really wanted to wear my TTCoJ shirt today but knew I could not get by with it.

**I am beginning to think it will never rain here again. I think we should have put big ole buckets out at Houston to catch their tremendous rain and then hauled those buckets back up here...though the heat would have evaporated it before it got here.

**My mom told Bebo that it is a sin to pray for something to catch on fire. He is helping out again at the volunteer fire department in Clarendon again and he just jumps and runs when the fire pager goes off.

**I am still working on getting Friday declared pj day but have been unsuccessful so far.

** Diet coke and cranberry juice together is delicious.

**I pulled into work this morning and parked. I got out and noticed that there were two older people pedalling down the brick street on big three wheeled tricycles. I love living in a small town.

**I am willing to moo on the radio for tickets to an amusement park. Wish me luck getting in and being the correct caller.

**Bebo's hair is now longer than mine.

So...how goes it with you?


  1. I'll go to Houston with you on those buckets. Will we see another Dust Bowl in these here parts?

  2. Your mom is right about Bebo and the praying, unless you change that rule by a vote of the General Assembly of your new religion!

  3. He could not come and see me last Saturday morning because the air-ambulance (Life Flight) came into Clarendon to do a training at the fire department. I have taken a back seat to the fire department this summer.

  4. Rev Dave9:05 AM

    Um, point Bebo to the story of ELijah and the prohets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 for a story about when it was OK to pray for things to catch on fire.

    As a former vollie myself, I understand the wish that something bad would happen. Or, if it was going to happen, happen when I was around to take part.

  5. Crystal lady reminds me of a friend who "anointed" my new house without asking me. I had oil smears on all the doorjams. It took me a while to notice them, and by then they were a real bitch to clean off. I mean, thanks for the blessing and all, I know people mean well.... but sheesh!
    I just don't see Jesus going into people's homes and secretly turning their Aquafina into wine just because he believes they need it!
    And I agree about Stella! AACK.

  6. loved this. Good luck with the mooing

    and I vote we Rev Gals start our own convention ... :)

  7. I'm totally on board with the new religion. I wanna wear robes and maybe a cape.

    Loved your list and the "spider dots".

  8. I think you should be the leader Rachel.

  9. I think the leader should have a tiara--Rach, what's your favorite gemstone?

    After several days of non-stop GA-ing, I am ready to join something else.

    But robes are frumpy and shapeless. We need nice figure-flattering outfits with cute shoes, don't you think?

  10. I favor jackets, now that St. Casserole and What Not to Wear have taught me how to choose them. I would not mind charming hats on those of us who look well in them, but I fear with my big hair, that would not include me.

  11. I see Rach as more of a crown person than a tiara person.

    I am also voting on being barefooted or cute sandals.

  12. Diet Coke and cranberry juice? That does sound weirdly satisfying!

    Someone told my office partner that if you mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a little bito f water, it gives you energy. Today was day two of the experiment. It made me a little gripy, I griped all day long about having to drink the stuff. But it did seem to help with midafternoon sluggishness (even though it tastes nasty)...

    just thought I'd share that with you...

  13. Oh cool! I like to be the leader! (Just because I am a control freak.)

    I am way excited about a crown. I like rubies, QG. Also, all followers of our as-yet un-named religion will be encouraged to go barefoot. I will be wearing some big, scary boots with silver boot chains and maybe a small, tasteful spike at the toe.

  14. BTW, we also had our own convention last week out there in Baptist La-la-land. We elected a slightly less evil dude as president.

    Less evil is better than All Evil - All the Time.

    I still like your idea of starting our own religion better!

  15. If the followers have to go barefoot, then are pedicures going to be a required sacrament?

  16. FYI:

    i dont PRAY for fire....... i just hope for it


  17. C-dog: That is the best damn comment ever. You are a master of the dry humor, dude. I salute ya!

  18. I don't remember what Partridge Family pants are!!!

    OOOH I need a Bath and Body Works Fix too!


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