Is there a statute of limitations for child abuse?

I was home this weekend and we decided to look through the old photos that my mom has. I was looking for one of my mom and her sister to make a card with. Bebo and Tybo (my nephew) had a wonderful time looking at all of the pics of me and my brother. Poor children did not know what polyester was. At one point, we had all of the pictures scattered out all over my parents living room and had such a good time looking and poking fun at one another. My mom wondered what in the heck she was thinking when she did my hair? And why in the world could she not get my bangs straight? And why did she think it was a good thing to stick that bow onto the side of my head? I actually remember having this picture made. It was made at Wackers Variety Store in Post Texas. Wackers was before TG & Y. I must have thought that I was uptown with that plastic rose.
And this was my first grade picture. I do not remember this nor do I remember the time it must have taken us that morning before school started to get my hair to do this. I actually think that I was very traumatized and blocked this memory out. I think my mom was just happy that I was in the first grade since I was *hides head in shame* a kindergarden drop out. Well...actually I was asked to leave....

I think that this pic should be captioned *Here in Texas, the Women folks and the young'uns all wear their hair big so that they're closer to God.*

I have no aspirations to enter *America's Next Top Model*.


  1. Dude, that is seriously big hair. You were also a seriously cute kid.


    Ok, I got no room to talk. That top picture looks just like my pictures from that age. Well, except for the lovely bow and oh-so-realistic-rose.

    These are just a hoot. Seriously, how did they get your hair to do that????

  3. Lol- so cute....
    echoes spookyrach- how did they get your hair to do that???

  4. Are you sure it wasn't a fall?

  5. ~laffin~ no was not a fall. I believe it was called *ratted-out* or teased or back-combed. I sure it was hell to come out that night. I wonder how in the world I kept it that tall until the picture was actually taken? Maybe the first graders went first?

    And I am sure that Aqua Net was involved. Maybe some Dippity Do?

  6. My friend the southern baptist calls that "hair that praises Jesus"

  7. I love looking at old photos like this one. The first one is so cute. But the hair in the second one -- oh, wow.

  8. Such a cutie-pie! And yes, that is some seriously teased hair in the second photo.

    There must have been an unwritten rule that you have to style your daughter's hair before she enters first grade, my mother gave me a Lilt home curl...and I have not forgiven her yet! Of course, my hair is stubborn it did not curl. It only waved.

  9. I HATE polyester!!!! You didn't take any of mine did you? (crossing fingers and hoping). I can remember Momma spending SO much time on her hair and back combing it. I also remember those neck pillows she had so she wouldn't sleep on her hair.....No wonder she's going to a chiropracter now. :)

  10. awwww....
    you know we all have these dark hidden corners where bad hair and fashion lurk in the photo history books. I just find you to be an amazingly brave soul for brining light to the darkness.
    Bless you.

  11. I'm remembering the time my mom set my hair with beer to make the curls stay. All that happened was frizzy hair that smelled like a brewery. I, of course, have never done anything like that with my kids (embarrassed remembering a straw boater that StrongOpinions wore on easter Sunday when she was three).

    Actually, your face was so adorable the hair didn't reallt matter.


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